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A new single by Gustavo Cerrati was released, with the symphonic version of Lisa recorded in Mexico.

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Starting today, the symphonic version of the song is available on digital platforms for the first time LisaRecorded by Gustavo Cerrati during his historic concert at the National Auditorium in Mexico City on February 9, 2002.

This is the advance of an unreleased album titled OK 14 Live Symphonic Episodes / National Auditorium / Mexico City / February 2002Which will appear light, complete, next August.

Cover of “Lisa”, Gustavo Cerati’s new single in symphonic version.

This is a recording of the performance with which the Argentine artist began the historic presentation tour of the then brand-new album. 11 symphonic episodes Edited in 2001, which took them to six theaters in some of the main cities of Latin America: Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Santiago de Chile, Quito and Zaragoza.

As indicated by its title, with the number “14” instead of “11”, the new album will add three new tracks/episodes that are not included in the original project’s repertoire, one of which is OK. Lisa (Symphonic Live),

Gustavo Cerati.  Photo courtesy Fernando Aceves.

Gustavo Cerati. Photo courtesy Fernando Aceves.

Classics from Soda Stereo and Gustavo’s solo career, showing all his vocal talents in the style of a velvet crooner, with the Camerata de las Americas Orchestra, with arrangements and direction by Alejandro Terran.

The spirit of the tour was the risky artistic proposition that contained the orchestral format, which was not very common for a popular musician’s repertoire from rock, less heard here: with only his voice, bands without basis or electric appliances.

a special video

In addition to the audio recorded 20 years ago in the iconic venue of the Mexican Federal District, this Friday, June 24, a new audiovisual material has also been released that adds value to the work: an augmented reality video specially designed for the track. In a separate designed with.

Depending on the device on which it is viewed, it offers the user a different immersive experience: from mobile it is AR (augmented reality); This is a 360º video from the computer; And with Oculus glasses, it’s VR (virtual reality).

To realize this XR video, Unreal Engine technology was used, with a technology in which many pieces were created, modeled and painted inside a virtual reality helmet.

Gustavo Cerati in the colon.

Gustavo Cerati in the colon.

The scenarios developed for this are closely related to the song’s imagery: in the case of Lisa, a dreamlike journey through the underwater world proposed by Song. Even many of the elements that we find animated in the video are related to Gustavo’s personal life.

Previous Unreleased Albums

came out in 2019Gustavo Cerrati in Monterreyfirst lesson of the tour natural forceHis last album was released in 2009. The concert took place on November 19 of the same year at the baseball stadium in the Mexican city.

Gustavo Cerrati in 2009.  Photo: Marcelo Carroll

Gustavo Cerrati in 2009. Photo: Marcelo Carroll

It is one of the most epic productions of Cerrati’s career, in which he was accompanied by such great composers as Richard Coleman, Fernando Nale, Fernando Samalia and Anita lvarez de Toledo.

except touching completely natural forceGustavo also performed immoral walk, i take you to pick up, crime, bridge You impossible thingsWith all promise area More by Soda Stereo tide of venusa song he recorded with Danielle Melero holy color,


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