Home Entertainment A new rock festival is coming: Dolores Experience

A new rock festival is coming: Dolores Experience

A new rock festival is coming: Dolores Experience

The first edition of Dolores experience Rock is going to be held in that city next April 16-17, 2022. It will be an event with more than 20 artists on stage, including Las Pastillas del Abuelo, La Vela Puerca, Trueno and Coti, among others.

In addition, you will have headliners surprise to be announced soon. It will be in format 360 ° and in addition to music there will be a gastronomic patio, stand up, live-painting and food trucks, and also the Museum Pappo, until now a secret under seven keys.

The idea of ​​the festival

Piti Fernández, Singer And Alma Mater Of The Grandfather'S Pills.  Photo Daniel Cáceres

Piti Fernández, singer and alma mater of the grandfather’s pills. Photo Daniel Cáceres

According to the organizers, Dolores Rock Experience “was born with the idea of ​​transforming and evolve the format known at festivals, where emphasis will not only be placed on bands or musical artists, but also on different experiences with a 360 “format, giving viewers the possibility of enhancing and expanding their senses with each of the activities.

It will be two dates, 16 and 17/4/2022 at Racecourse of Dolores. Easily and quickly accessible by Route 2, the venue will become, for the first time, the epicenter of a new festival that aims to bring together visitors from different parts of the country wanting to once again feel the vibration of live music.

Why Dolores

Choosing the city of Dolores “was not accidental, taking into account that it is the obligatory step in the summer holidays for the Argentine Coast, fully recognized and easily accessible,” says the press release. The entrances (from $ 3,000) are already on sale in Haus Ticket. More information on instagram @experienciadoloresrock. Dolores is at the crossroads of the Route 2 with the RP 63, 209 kilometers from Buenos Aires.

Trueno, Along With His Father Peligro, Also A Rapper.  Photo David Fernández

Trueno, along with his father Peligro, also a rapper. Photo David Fernández

One of the central figures will be Thunder, who these days is one of the most prominent rap exponents, and who is currently embarking on a national tour presenting his live songs from his album Dared. Thunder hung the sold out sign at the Gran Rex Theater for three nights in a row.

Las Pastillas del abuelo, another strong number on the grid, has just opened the Luján de Cuyo Cultural Multispace (ex-Feriagro), where the people of Mendoza joined on the return of the pogo.

In Dolores, the band will return to play their street hits and the themes of their new work such as The favor, Verbal incontinence, Further, Interpretation, Icing sugar and Fog.

In Dolores Rock Experience There Will Be A Museum About Pappo.  Pappo'S Instagram Photos.  / @ Pappooficial

In Dolores Rock Experience there will be a museum about Pappo. Pappo’s instagram photos. / @ pappooficial

As to Coti, perhaps the musician is going through one of the most popular moments, apart from music, and that has to do with his sentimental relationship with Cande tinelli. “Cande we see you very in love on the networks,” they told the influencer in an interview.

Marcelo Tinelli’s daughter replied: “Yes, celebrating our first year” with Coti. “People told us that we didn’t even make it to Christmas last year, that we did not last a week and well … “

La Vela Puerca.  The Uruguayan Band Will Also Be At Dolores Rock.  Photo Sepia Photo Agency

La Vela Puerca. The Uruguayan band will also be at Dolores Rock. Photo Sepia Photo Agency

The Dolores racecourse, where the first rock festival in the city of Dolores will take place, it was reopened in 2019, after the provincial government authorized the municipality to “hold official competitions of thoroughbred racehorses at the racecourse.” it seems, much more than equines.


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