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a new love story

Just as several coveted places in Palermo reinvented themselves with the American fairs, and used, recycled and vintage clothing took over the tastes of others, soap operas and classic soap operas that seemed to have an expiration date set a trend again, especially since the pandemic. And Netflix knew how to pick up that gauntlet.

And this revival of Passion of Hawks It is not an isolated case of what the old Latin strips can continue to provoke in the Argentine public. According to a word of mouth landlord, it would not only be the nostalgic viewer who wants to relive his fiction afternoons on open TV, in the golden age in which Colombian or Mexican cans heated the rating rod with daylight.

There is a lot of young audience that got hooked on the original plot or the remake of stories that tell old-fashioned love, with a stale machismo, or like a fairy tale frozen in time. Without so much prejudice, they see a television program there, which is what it is about, even if the route is through the streaming. Point for the blessed TV.

The wedding of Don Armando and Betty, a key moment in fiction that was all the rage (also) on Netflix.

The wedding of Don Armando and Betty, a key moment in fiction that was all the rage (also) on Netflix.

The case of Betty, the successful

Yes ok it’s no longer available in the catalogue, until recently the revival of Yo soy Betty, la fea it was an audience phenomenon. According to an analysis of consumption habits, the majority who got hooked on the romantic story of Beatriz Aurora Pinzón Solano, the ugly one who became pretty through the art of TV (or through the art of self-esteem?), he did it in marathon mode. And that is 335 chapters…

But the story starring the Colombian Anna Maria Orozco, released in 1999, has an agile story, a simple approach and that allows you to see it in a row without feeling overwhelmed. The character also generates empathy from the springboard of pseudo losers who ultimately win the battle for Prince Charming.

In the more than two years that it was available on streaming, the strip (renamed “series” due to market requirements and fashions) remained in the top ten of the favorites. She was taken down on July 10 of this year.

The one that is uploaded now is Betty in NYa free adaptation of the successful Colombian plot that has American factory and tells a similar story, but with disparate resultsthroughout 123 episodes.

A modern aesthetic on a ’90s classic

Another phenomenon of this resurgence of the old Latin soap operas on Netflix is ​​that of woman-fragranced coffeeColombian soap opera of 1994, which reflected the love between Gaviota and Sebastián.

William Levy, the face of the new version of "Coffee with the aroma of a woman".

William Levy, the face of the new version of “Coffee with the aroma of a woman”.

Now the platform broadcasts the remake, with William Levy and Laura Londoño, in the roles consecrated by Margarita Rosa de Francisco and Guy Eckera couple that took sparks.

The new conquest of the Kings

Premiered in Colombia ten years after he did flavored coffee original, Passion of Hawks was rescued by digital programmers to issue the mother can about the Reyes brothers and the Elizondo sisters. The story that saw the light on Telemundo between 2003 and 2004 consisted of 188 episodes.

The second, that knew how to revert Netflix successfullyhas 82 episodes and some actors from the original, such as Mario Cimarro and Michel Brown. Both are available on demand.

"Pasión de Gavilanes", in a renewed version, although there are old familiar faces.

“Pasión de Gavilanes”, in a renewed version, although there are old familiar faces.

if one sees them without claiming to be a witness to an essay on feminism, and other claims that have gained prominence in recent years, you can entertain yourself and get hooked by this soap opera of crossed loves.

Peter’s rescue

Another one that works well in that line of cans from over 20 years ago is the story of peter the scalya Colombian strip starring Miguel Varoni and premiered by Telemundo in 2001. In Argentina it had already performed very well at the time and now appears from the streaming also for the new generations who, obviously, are not scared by its 315 episodes.

It is proven that TV and streaming aren’t as unrelated as many techno people make them out to be to impose. There, at least, there is no possible crack.

Because if those who design the catalogs use classic-style soap operas or soap operas -originally designed for a single type of screen, with structured blocks to insert advertising every 15 minutes- and that shines on the podium every day, it means that they power more than they compete. Obviously, they feed off each other. And so we all win.

And that the content of many of those cans seemed to be expired, due to format and plot. But, like those in supermarkets, the gondolas of the audiovisual industry also know how to give surprises.

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