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A Meeting of Humor, Theater and Classroom on Borges

“The Aleph” is back! Thus, with ironic recollections of the Argentine political tradition, Daniel Mecca presents his show “Borgion Monologues”. That he will do it this Saturday, April 9 at 7:00 pm, freely and free of charge at La Silla Elétrica Comedy Club (Avenida Santa Fe 2729, 1st Floor, Patio del Liso Gallery, CABA). The event was first presented in 2021 at the historic Teatro Picadero in Buenos Aires.

“Borges is a writer that blows your mind. But the seriousness built around his figure can distract readers. ‘Borgian Monologues’ tries to explore those areas in this monologue class on Borges: Thinking skewed about Borges, making him enigmatic, with humorous and dramatic moments, but at the same time, theoreticalWith the idea of ​​bringing viewers closer to the work and life of the author of El Alef, Mecca, creator of the #BorgesPalooza festival and #BorgesTour, Jorge Luis Borges calls a guided walk through Buenos Aires.

Mecca—who is a 36-year-old poet, journalist and cultural manager—continues: “The legend of thinking Borges is still doing it today from the dimension of social networks as it relates to the virtual practice of his work. What a tweeter Borges would have been!

Daniel Mecca

Daniel Mecca presents “Borgian Monologues”. Photo Flyer Network.

In this sense, he anticipates that he will approachn Borges for all ageswhether they be centenarians, millennials or baby boomers: “If Borges does anything, it’s doubling time. There’s no age to start reading this. Writers and readers find outrageous, appropriations in their texts”.

“Borges is pure humiliation and irony as we see in his story ‘Pierre Ménard, author of Don Quixote.’ should be from’ and to generate enjoyment of its literature. For Borges, all literature is a version of other literature. This Borean monologue seeks to produce its own version, its own literature”, he highlights.

For more information, you can enter his Instagram account at https://www.instagram.com/danielmecca/ and his website https://danielmecca.com.ar/.

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