Home Entertainment A love story born in Madrid more than half a century ago

A love story born in Madrid more than half a century ago

A love story born in Madrid more than half a century ago

Teresa Sainz of Los Terreros He died on Thursday after a prolonged illness. This was confirmed by her husband Jairo through a statement where he revealed The health difficulties the mother of her four children went through for nine years.

“With eternal pain I communicate the death of Teresa Sainz de los Terreros, My dear wife and the mother of my children. We appreciate messages of love. Today we pray for your peace after years of unequal struggle against disease. Thanks for the respect ”, said the singer.

Mario Ruben Gonzalez – Jarrow’s real name – and Teresa They met in Madrid more than half a century ago. The singer always emphasized the importance of her in her career. They had been married for 49 years in May, but they could not celebrate it for a decade, because she was hospitalized at home For a chronic lung disease (COPD).

Over The Past Decade, He Had Been Under Her Care, With Hospitalizations At Home.

Over the past decade, he had been under her care, with hospitalizations at home.

In February last year, the singer recalled the Christmas a mutual friend had introduced to her. “It was snowing a lot. I was twenty years old and at dinner I didn’t say a word because I’m very little talkative, shy. I’m having a hard time getting started. When he got up to leave, So I said: ‘I accompany you’. we walk under the snowI went with him to his house, which was six blocks away,” the story began.

“The next day I had to sing at the oldest Madrid theater in the city. I told him that I would like him to come with me. His reaction was what brought us together. He thought about it, said nothing, went away and when he opened the door, he asked me: ‘What time is it tomorrow?’. from that night We didn’t stop seeing each other for a day, except when I go on tour ”, closed the anecdote.

Teresa’s favorite song

This Tuesday Jarrow was interviewed by Maria Julia Olivan at the Coliseo Theatre. In an intimate conversation where he reviewed his life and career, Cordovan, a Cruz del Aje native, spoke fondly of Teresa, and confessed that he could not speak in recent months. “I talk to her the same way and she texts me or explains herself”He confessed.

“I should have been weak. Because she is a very strong person, she has a very strong character, an important personality. She is a cultured, wonderful woman. It is wonderful to talk to her”, Jairo said in conversation with Olivan infobae Which has not been released officially yet.

&Quot;Los Enamorados&Quot;, The Song She Included On The 2009 Album Of The Same Name, Was Teresa

“Los Enamorados”, the song she included on the 2009 album of the same name, was Teresa’s favourite.

In the same interview, Jairo reveals Teresa’s favorite song. He was Lover, which says: For lovers see each other, they walk slowly / They kiss sideways, they capture the world, they lend their souls, lovers. The single was part of the self-titled album Zyro recorded in 2009..

“He has a certain French air to music, I think that’s why he likes it. Because for him, the time when he lived in France was the happiest time, because he was raising children. And it’s a very French song in the making,” he explained after admitting that Teresa was not a fan of music.

It should be remembered that Jairo was exiled to that European country along with his wife during the previous military dictatorship. They married in 1971 after a courtship of less than two years. They had four children: Ivan (48 years old), Yako (45), Mario (43) and Lucia (36)..

“We can’t live without each other. She was my first girlfriend and my first and only wife. no one else will. We have a very pure and perfect relationship. Our love is irrevocable”, he confessed on some occasion.