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a letter of hope in a pandemic

a letter of hope in a pandemic

bts presents his third single in English “Dance Allowed”MILF a collaboration with Ed Sheeran, which accurately displays the style hotter than britishMILF Fused Fused K-Po group dynamics and choreographyP, which adds to the trend this time around to remember that the pandemic is not over.

The video clip, which has been viewed more than 60 million times just 15 hours after its premiere; It shows a number of people stripped away and wearing face masks, but started dancing to the beat of “dance allowed”.

“Dance Allowed” and Its Message on the Pandemic

The band was led on this occasion. rm and is made of Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, V, J-Hope and Suga; opts for a letter in which he invites don’t be afraid of the pandemic “Since Now we know how to get up“With reference to the fact that the following health protocol What you can do to avoid infection “Keep dancing like a golden hour.”

“Let me show you // that we can keep the fire alive. because it’s not over yet // shout one more time until it’s over (…) We do not need to worry, we already know how to touch the ground when falling (…) We do not need permission to dance”, reads the part of the choir.

In this part of the video, we see people take off the mask and start dancing in the clearing group message That this time will pass and we will be able to meet again, meanwhile the music will keep connecting them.

vary from Super Junior Giants; With whom “Party House” They call on your guards not to lower and stay at home; BTS Appears to Invite “Dancing with Permission” to Return to the New Normal little by little a clear hope that this time will passIn the meantime, he hopes the music will keep connecting everyone.

In fact, one merit to highlight on this occasion is that precisely BTS commitment to diversity In his video, remembering him we are all living hard times In pestilence and invocation, with your dance, regain sympathy With each other.