Home Entertainment A Kardashian may have secretly married in Las Vegas

A Kardashian may have secretly married in Las Vegas

A Kardashian may have secretly married in Las Vegas

According to international media, the eldest of the Kardashians and drummer Travis Barker may have married in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas.— This time kourtney kardashian It was noticed that the Kardashian last name was placed in the headlines of various media outlets, as is believed she must have secretly married with her boyfriend Travis Barker, Former member of the band Blink 182.

Although the couple has only shared romantic pictures From her visit to the “City of Sin”, the socialite’s stylist must have confirmed this information.

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they haven’t had a year of dating

supposedly news Courtney Wedding has caused astonishment, because Kim Kardashian’s older sister maintained relationship for many years with Scott Disick, The businessman and public figure, with whom he fathered his three children, but did not marry her despite the fact that he had proposed to her on several occasions.

what’s more, Courtney and Travis they haven’t had a year of dating, just last January also the model confirmed her courtship with the musician through a Photo To which he also replied on his Instagram account.

For many fans of Kim Kardashian’s sister, it seems that they wouldn’t be surprised if they got married in secret, as it would be an “attitude” that even the affected person could have. But the biggest proof is the commentary from Kourtney’s hairdresser, Glenn Coco, on a series of photos where Kourtney is with Travis.

Did you get swept up in the madness of Las Vegas?

Rumors that the couple will have married Posted after comment. Glen Coco, Kourtney’s hairdresser, in a post in which Famous is with Travis.

“… now I understand why people marry Las Vegas. There’s nothing like love and the perfect moment,” were the words of Glenn that would have confirmed the union.

It is important to mention that although this rumor Has expanded, not even Kourtney, Travis hasn’t even said anything about it.

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