Home Entertainment a healthy Argentine custom that shook Uruguay

a healthy Argentine custom that shook Uruguay

a healthy Argentine custom that shook Uruguay

The Authentic Decadent fell this Friday the 7th as raging summer storm over three hundred lucky that they saw exclusively and for a few one of the most convoking bands in all of America.

Without a doubt one of the hottest shows of the season, here in Maldonado, Uruguay. Cucho and his hosts are celebrating thirty-five years with music, after a stoppage as a result of the pandemic, and they put all the meat on the grill in these shows.

To begin with, there is a list of songs of almost thirty songs where there is no shortage of each of the hits that made them famous throughout the continent. How can I forget, The Pirates, Follow the dance along with others that will make up the imminent Trilogy DNA. Three covers albums chosen almost mostly by Parisi, one of the most recognized music lovers in Argentine rock.

Cucho, The Voice Of Los Authentic Decadentes At The Medio Y Medio Festival.  Photo: Jerónimo López

Cucho, the voice of Los Authentic Decadentes at the Medio y Medio Festival. Photo: Jerónimo López

The first volume saw the light in 2021 and the other two will come out in the course of the new year.

The Decadent would be the right group to soundtrack the final apocalypse, whenever it happens. They could quietly replace the musicians of the Titanic without moving a hair. By attitude, because nothing seems to take them off their true axis (entertain is still the watchword) and finally because we would all leave with a huge smile on our souls.

Young people in their fifties

And then there is that curious image. Seeing these guys who are well into their fifties have fun like the first day playing great party hymns like Stupid, Guitar or The murguero (your tá, tu tá) and leaving it all up on stage is an impact in itself.

Decimated by the absence of some members infected with Covid (Jorge “old dog” Serrano among them) the combo appeals to a trade that only so many years of tours and shows throughout the continent can provide them.

As a replacement for the fallen ones courtesy of omicron, there are two stellar guests tonight. Emiliano Brancciari (voice and founder of the Uruguayan band No Te Va a Gustar) is in charge of Crazy (your way of being) while Maxi Pardo covers another of the mega hits from Serrano’s pen: A teddy bear from Taiwan.

Eduardo &Quot;El Animal&Quot; Trípodi, Percussionist For Los Auténticos Decadentes.  Photo: Jerónimo López

Eduardo “El Animal” Trípodi, percussionist for Los Auténticos Decadentes. Photo: Jerónimo López

An open game

But Los Decadentes are not only here to entertain their audience, but it also shows that they themselves have a good time on stage. The very convenient tool of having several vocalists serves as a break for Cucho, who alternates his role as showman with a more lateral role, leaving the game open for some of his teammates.

Two covers (both make up the aforementioned album trilogy of DNA) add more pepper to the recipe. First a devastating version of The old vinegars, which in Cucho’s voice is understood not only as an interpretation but also as a tribute to one of the bands that most influenced them: “If it weren’t for Sumo, we wouldn’t be here.”

And closer to the end there is a surrender to those old friends-brothers who were forever All your dead, making People who don’t, song composed by Jorge Serrano.

But here and now people, yes. They have come from almost all over the East to witness the second of Almagro’s band shows here on this paradisiacal beach in Maldonado. Among them the lawyer Fernando Mocking, who maintains a close and curious relationship with the musicians for years and the former soccer player and now Uruguayan coach Diego Forlan.

And The Band Kept Playing.  The Authentic Decadents In Punta Ballena, Uruguay.  Photo: Jerónimo López

And the band kept playing. The Authentic Decadents in Punta Ballena, Uruguay. Photo: Jerónimo López

“Shall we continue?” Eduardo “El Animal” Trípodi asks, and the answer is as obvious as the feeling that happiness for Los Deca is an always renewable resource. The barrage of hymns starts again with Follow the dance, sampler with the voice of Alberto Castillo included.

True musical godfathers who have played (and will continue to do so) forever at thousands of wedding parties, they know how to achieve a permanent rhythm that never wanes.

“We are a band that especially at this moment gives people important emotions, and that’s like a bonus – he later tells Cucho in dressing rooms. Something that had already happened to us in the 2001 crisis, when spirits were so low. And that motivates us a lot ”.

Seen from another angle these Decadent could be taken as real punks (yes, it is true, somewhat advanced in years but very effective) that support a combative spirit from the sound to the character of their lyrics.

Today, with the never-ending drama of the pandemic in the world, and the havoc that it has been causing in people’s minds, singing things like “I don’t care, live or die, what difference does it make? If a patrol car steps on me, if my house catches fire, if the twine is not enough for me, if my belly shows, at this point everything does not matter to me “(And I do not care), is the least contestatory.

Emiliano Brancciari, From No Te Va Gustar, Sang Loco With Los Authentic Decadentes.  Photo: Jerónimo López

Emiliano Brancciari, from No Te Va Gustar, sang Loco with Los Authentic Decadentes. Photo: Jerónimo López

They produce a insight instantaneous that displaces the anguish and channels the deepest emotional pains. And if we think about it a little more, the name of the band is one of the most appropriate for this “era of stupidity” (sorry Divided) where decadence seems the recurring currency in which we find ourselves immersed. Because of course, no one could argue that they are the real decadent.

After almost two hours of show, the band closes with a medley (why don’t we have this in our houses?) To introduce the musicians and the dance goes on, of course, for a while longer.

Then they disappear because there is a private commitment. A party in a certain luxurious condominium in Manantiales, of which one of its owners and founder is none other than the great English actor Michael caine. Things that happen around these places.

While the music will continue to sound until March inclusive, here in Medio y Medio, in a grid as bright as it is varied and with names like Juanse, David Lebón, Gustavo Cordera, Ciro y Los Persas, Peyote Asesino, Miranda, Coti, Julieta Venegas and Lenine among many others.

Diego Demarco, Guitar And Voice Of Los Auténticos Decadentes.  Photo: Jerónimo López

Diego Demarco, guitar and voice of Los Auténticos Decadentes. Photo: Jerónimo López

A seamless romance

Punta Ballena It is a kind of paradise on Earth, a secret not so well kept, but which stands out not only for its beaches and forests (and building style) but also because it takes place here for twenty-six years the famous Middle and Middle Festival.

Leandro Quiroz Ferreres, the face of it, his mentor almost from the beginning, when his father (Lupa) decided that it was a good idea to open a restaurant where good jazz could be heard, he is also an inveterate music lover.

“We always say, half jokingly and somewhat seriously, that this is the Montreux Festival of South America. But with an essential difference. And it is that here the music is as important as the gastronomic proposal. Chicken with rosemary jelly, spinach ravioli with lamb ragout and other specialties made by Graciela my mother, one of the founders of Medio y Medio. “

“And musicians come more as friends than artists, besides that the musician always likes to eat well. The idea has always been triangular with the music of three essential countries, such as Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. Real monsters like Spinetta, Skay y Los Fakires, Hermeto Pascoal, Jaime Roos, Joao Bosco, León Gieco, Leny Andrade and Lenine among several dozen ”.

The Authentic Decadents Show In Punta Ballena Was For 300 People.  Photo: Jerónimo López

The Authentic Decadents show in Punta Ballena was for 300 people. Photo: Jerónimo López

In a romance that has already celebrated its Silver Wedding Anniversary, Punta Ballena and the festival are the same indissoluble unit that works like a clock. Quiroz is planning to expand the outdoor property for more people, although not as many …

“The idea is that they can see a show with the artist there, within easy reach. And they are names in most cases hyper-convoking. That is also our great differential. And well, the fact of putting the heads of certain artists that you were never going to see together before. For example here the other night Cristian Castro got on to sing with La Portuaria. Where else are you going to see that?

Of lawyers and footballers

Diego Forlán, In The Decadentes Show.  The Soccer Player Advanced His Marriage For Them.  Photo: Jerónimo López

Diego Forlán, in the Decadentes show. The soccer player advanced his marriage for them. Photo: Jerónimo López

A Los Decadentes show would be the perfect opportunity for those who as an audience want to go unnoticed in the crowd. Of course that does not happen to the criminal lawyer Fernando Mocking.

“They are one of the most important bands in Argentina, they have incredible anthems. The only difference between them and The Beatles is where they were born, but if we talk about hits they must be around “.

“I became close friends with Cucho many years ago. Like most artists, he lives more at night than during the day and we spent several years with Barby (Franco, his girlfriend) where Cucho always fell home at two in the morning. morning”.

In The Tips, Fernando Burlando And Diego Forlán, With Cucho Parisi, Emiliano Brancciari And Leonardo Quiroz, In Uruguay.  Photo: Jerónimo López

In the tips, Fernando Burlando and Diego Forlán, with Cucho Parisi, Emiliano Brancciari and Leonardo Quiroz, in Uruguay. Photo: Jerónimo López

“We received him and stayed until half past six because I had to go to work. We have known each other forever, and what’s more, he shared my daughters’ fifteenth birthday, and parties with the family. With him I have very amazing anecdotes. I made Cucho sing with Pappo for example, something few know. Pappo and Cucho from there sang together many times“.

“I was also responsible for them meeting Diego (Maradona). It was on one of my birthdays. And the funny thing was that the guests, more than three hundred, took any object that Maradona had touched. They robbed me! And then you have to admit the enormous contribution that this festival curated by the Quiroz family has made to Uruguayan culture. There is no such thing in the world today. “

Diego Forlan, the Uruguayan soccer star (now retired) and who made a well-remembered career in Europe playing for teams such as Manchester United, Atlético Madrid or Inter Milan, he spent the whole night dancing and singing each of the Decadent songs loudly, as if he were shouting his goals with La Celeste.

“Boys they sang at my wedding, but of course I knew them from many years of listening to them, they are one of my favorite bands since I was eight years old. Always the party of the party in weddingsWho do you put? And, to Los Deca of course. So when it was possible to do so, I went looking for them. “

“If there was a band for my wedding, it was them. I was scheduled to get married (with Paz Cardoso) on December 12, 2013, but someone was getting married the same day and they couldn’t come, so I said to my wife“ ready, we advance the wedding one day. ”And we were married on December eleventh. See if I’ll be a fan, so imagine, how could I not be here tonight! “


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