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Thursday, October 6, 2022

A group crushed the hand of Rolo Sartorio, singer of La Beriso, and he underwent emergency surgery

On Thursday night, Rolo Sartorio He suffered a traffic accident and was rushed to the British hospital.where a few hours later he underwent surgery on his hand.

As it was learned, the singer of the popular band La Beriso was getting into his truck and a bus crushed his hand. There are no further details but fans were quick to raise their concerns on social media.

Rolo Sartorio, from La Beriso.  Photo: Martin Bonetto.

Rolo Sartorio, from La Beriso. Photo: Martin Bonetto.

The historical manager of the group, Jorge Gavilanuploaded a photo of Rolo to his Instagram account with the Virgin of Guadalupe and wrote: “Few people have the balls that you have @rolosartorio. Life tests you day by day and you always come out ahead strengthened and setting an example We are all with you”.

The message on Instagram from La Beriso's manager, after the serious accident he suffered last night.

The message on Instagram from La Beriso’s manager, after the serious accident he suffered last night.

This morning, Gavilán informed Clarion that the current situation is to evaluate the result of the operation and see if it is necessary to make a second intervention to put “a small insert in one of the fingers”. He said that Rolo is in pain, but added: “For now luckily everything is fine.”

In April he suffered a bank leak

This year Rolo Sartorio seems to be having a bad run: in April he was surprised by some motorcycles at the exit of a bank and they stole a backpack with money.

The musician withdrew cash from a Santander bank branch, on Miter and España avenues, in Avellaneda. Minutes later, just about six blocks from the bank, three motorcycle jets approached him and took away his backpack in which he was carrying a large amount of money.

The Beriso live.  Rooster Bluguerman Photo

The Beriso live. Rooster Bluguerman Photo

The leader of La Beriso made the complaint at the 1st police station. of Avellaneda and members of the Operational Tactical Group of the branch intensely searched for the criminals.

“He parked in front of his house. He got off and about five motorcycles came. One got off, grabbed him by the neck, threw him to the floor and stole his backpack,” Sartorio’s relatives said. And they suspect there was a deliverer.

“Someone beat him, obviously. There is no way that they rob you at 1 noon in the middle of Avellaneda and know that you have money because you left the bank,” they said.

“Either someone sold you or these are God. There is no other,” they added about the accuracy of the bank leak.

“They steal, they kill and nothing happens”

On his Instagram account, the musician brought peace of mind to his followers after the leak. “Thanks for the messages, everything is fine,” he wrote, with a photo in which he is seen sitting in an armchair, relaxing.

He accompanied the publication with the song Reality: “They steal, they kill and nothing happens, why would it be? / Today trying to make you forget, they will cover everything / There is plenty of hunger and you don’t stop / With your deadly sin”.

After that episode, Clarín contacted the musician and added some details, although he preferred not to be interviewed in depth about what happened. “I’m fine, they didn’t do me any physical harm,” were the first words.

“I don’t want to talk about it, I’m not going to change anything. What are they going to give me back? That’s it. It’s the system we live in. We have to be thankful that nothing happened,” he said in relation to the fact that he did not suffer blows or injuries .

Asked if there are security cameras in the area, Rolo answered yes and that the police are already working on this material to try to identify criminals. “Thanks for caring,” he closed it.


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Reference from clarin www.clarin.com

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