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A Fun Journey to the Golden Age of Serial Music

A Fun Journey to the Golden Age of Serial Music

Being able to watch music on the small screen is a celebration for lovers of the genre. Unlike other disciplines, musicals are rare in productions made year after year, but, Apple TV+ Accepted this challenge and released sChimmigdoon!

This is a new series of musical comedy, which is not lacking in songs and dances, but in addition, Tribute is given to great works and figures who made history in this field.

conspiracy of Schmigadoon! It is simple but effective. A couple in distress decides to go on an excursion as part of a therapy to revive their relationship and, by accident, end up in a town (with a similar name to the series), where all of its The residents behave like an old man’s hero. Music from the 40s.

Melissa (Cecile Strong, star of Saturday night Live) You Josh (Keegan-Michael Key) They will be stuck there until they finally manage to find true love.

Melissa doesn’t seem bothered by the thought of being locked inside Schmigadoon!: she is a lover of music And know everything about it. instead of josh hates them To believe them to be untrue and go mad every time a resident starts singing in the middle of a conversation: “Be careful, now another song begins. we’re stuck in the middle the walking dead You gleeThe character says.

Melissa (Cecile Strong) And Josh (Keegan-Michael Key) Arrive In The 1940S Musical Town Of Schmigadoon.

Melissa (Cecile Strong) and Josh (Keegan-Michael Key) arrive in the 1940s musical town of Schmigadoon.

Music lovers must have already noticed that, as its catchy title suggests, the series borrows –As a Parody / Tribute– Plot part of the 1954 musical classic Brigadoon (Of Vincent Minnelli With Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse)

Schmigadoon!: a cast of prominent figures from the musical

composed by 6 episodes -The first three have already been released – We will begin the journey with the backpacker couple’s arrival in the city of Schmigadoon! And we will know – already with the first song – a large part of the inhabitants of the place.

There they are: no-nonsense school teacher Emma Tate (Ariana Debos), Farmer McDonough (Kevin McNulty), the father “takes care” of his seven daughters, including the bubbly Betsy (dove cameroon), Mayor (alan cumming) and his wife Florence (ain harda), and the stubborn Mildred Layton (Kristin Chenoweth) and her husband, the Reverend Layton (Fred Armisen arm)

Danny Bailey (Aaron Tweeta), a handsome and tough carnival worker, who becomes interested in Melissa.

But top names aren’t just in front of the camera. behind, lies five paul, series producer, writer, executive producer and composer; Who was it initial idea of Schmigadoon! 20 years ago However, at that time he was not quite sure how to execute it.

“Is this a movie? Is this a theater musical?”, Paul tells us, as he asked himself. “I put it off for years and years, until it was finally ready,” he details Is.

Dove Cameron Brings Out Her Sensual Yet Innocent Side As Betsy.

Dove Cameron brings out her sensual yet innocent side as Betsy.

Paul joined Ken DaurioYour partner in writing animated movie scripts my favorite villain And then, with this project, the name of the Emmy Award winner came out. Barry Sonnenfeld -Director of many successful stories like mad adams You men in Black– to direct it.

“What I liked about Cinco’s scripts was that they were very, very funny,” Sonnenfeld recalls earlier. bugle. “It was the perfect type of show for me, because I’m so attracted to building the world. I like to make a reality but move it in some way and nothing is more pushy than musical theater and musical films. “

Although a Sonnenfeld admits he’s not a fan of music, he liked the script so much that he accepted the challenge of doing it with his own impression.

We filmed it like it was an original 1950s musical, it stayed in the drawer, as if someone forgot to remove it,” he says. Many recent music videos have been recorded as clips, in a frenzied manner with great emphasis on details. I wanted to show people dancing. You don’t have to be a fan of the music, just enjoy the showSonnenfeld explains.

Scottish Actor Alan Cumming Plays The Mayor Of The Town Of Schmigadoon!

Scottish actor Alan Cumming plays the mayor of the town of Schmigadoon!

Schmigadoon!: What about music in this era?

Although there are 100% music series, such as gleehandjob Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlists Or High School Musical: The MusicalThe truth is that it is a genre that is not given much space. On the other hand, filmmakers decide to enter the world of music in other ways: with biopics (such as those of Luis Miguel or Selena) or with stories where the protagonists sing, but without breaking social conventions.

Why don’t you bet on music? “They’re complicated to do, they scare the producers. I’ve heard from many negotiators that they were too demanding,” explains Cinco Paul.

Schmigadoon!, Apple Tv+'S Innovative Commitment To Serial Music.

Schmigadoon!, Apple TV+’s innovative commitment to serial music.

However, the rise of streaming platforms may be the solution to this type of content: “Better things come out of the platform,” explains Sonnenfeld.

and adds: “A film company produces only 12 films in a year and all of them have to be hits.With heavy marketing costs, or executives are laid off. Platforms produce a lot And they can take risks because failure is not a great drama.”

“When I got this idea, 20 years ago no one would make such a story on television. Now, thanks to streaming, the diversity of offerings and the incredible amount of great series that are being created, there is room for something like Schmigadoon! It was with a vintage wine that he found his moment. The platforms also produce crazy and unconventional titles,” concludes Cinco.