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A film too “liberating and fun”

A film too

Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas train performing

VENICE (El Common) .— One of the vital anticipated movies in Venice, “Official Competition”, carried out by Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas and Óscar Martínez, didn’t disappoint the viewers of the Mostra.

And it’s that on this movie, greater than a parody of the actors, you may see the methods they’ve to have the ability to transfer us.

On the official press convention, its administrators Gastón Duprat and Mariano Cohn defined that “we never see the kitchen of the performances, where everything arises. And that interested us from the beginning and it was the main spearhead of this script in which the actors shared many ideas and experiences that appeared later in the story ”.

Penelope Cruz, who shouldn’t be often very expressive when on podiums, on this event shared a number of anecdotes and what it meant to make a movie as totally different as this one.

“It has been very liberating and fun,” he stated, “because in my case, playing this savage, this psychopathic woman with charm and intelligence who has some good ideas but who at the same time is the most stupid, egocentric and wild was a great opportunity. Lola is someone who has no filters and who doesn’t care what people think of her. I would not like anything to look like her because she is a woman who must suffer a lot and be very lonely because it is unbearable, but it was very nice to play this role because this film is a tribute to the profession we do, because although we laugh at many things at no time do we make fun of the actor’s profession and I think that respect has been achieved “, defined the actress who additionally acknowledged having had eccentricities to handle to place herself within the sneakers of her characters.

“For example, when I played the character of Italy in ‘Don’t move’ I didn’t shave my legs for three months and I would walk through the streets dressed like her and I had her attitude. My friends told me that I was losing my mind, but I needed to go through that process to understand it “, explained the actress who was also struck by the anecdote that a friend told her:” A star whose name I will not say but He said that his director before filming a movie asked him to go to a particular psychologist for a month to prepare his character. So he went to see him and when they opened the door, it was the director himself who was acting as a psychologist. It is an anecdote that I found fascinating ”, shared the Spanish Oscar winner.

Hilarious moments

For his half, Antonio Banderas made these current chuckle out loud giving examples of attitudes that coworkers have earlier than getting into a set to which the Buenos Aires actor Óscar Martínez added: “I feel all of us have related experiences not solely within the cinema however within the theater and on tv. They’re eccentricities extra tolerable than these proven within the movie. I’ve not skilled such unique conditions, however I’ve skilled such conditions as these described by comrade Antonio or ridiculousness of one other form. However so long as they don’t have an effect on others, every one has its rituals. I wrote a play during which an exquisite actor would put a pencil in his mouth each evening earlier than the play and say the entire play like this, however he did it alone in his dressing room and with out disturbing anybody . It’s reliable to arrange as most accurately fits every one, so long as it doesn’t hurt the others “, said the protagonist of” The Illustrious Citizen “.

Penelope agreed that the necessary factor is “not to invade. Respect. It is normal to do voice exercises, body exercises. This is not uncommon for an actor because sometimes it helps you and puts you in the scene. But what must always be borne in mind is that not to achieve something for yourself can you put yourself above others or do something just to attract attention ”.

For the administrators Gastón Duprat and Mariano Cohn, the collaborative script of “Official Competition”, during which the premise was all the time to have enjoyable, additionally resulted within the actors giving them an performing grasp class.