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A figure of Argentine independent cinema returns to Bafiki: Raul Peron

A figure of Argentine independent cinema returns to Bafiki: Raul Peron

This year, within the BAFICI 2022 programming, the film’s world premiere is different be eternalby director Ral Perón, who presents it at the official competition of Argentina.

Such is the expectation that this new film by a true pioneer of Argentine independent cinema has already sold out tickets for the premiere yesterday morning, which will take place tonight at 9:00 pm in the Sala Leopoldo Lugones, Corrientes 1530.

still, be eternal It is scheduled at 4:20 pm on Sundays and 11:30 pm on Mondays, both in Room 1 of the Cultural San Martín, Sarmiento 1551. In addition, there will be an online ceremony, as it will be available for two weeks. ,

Raul Peron’s film “Sean Eternx”, presented at BAFICI.

(almost) always present

The premiere marks Raul Peron’s return to the festival, where he has been absent for the past two years during online editions due to the pandemic. “Overall – he estimates – I was in 19 of the 24 editions of BAFICI. I guess at this point he should give me a plaque or something, right? Tonight I’m going to tell Porta Fox, the director of the festival. When I come! If I were a European director they would have made me a book or something special by now. I’m the record guy!”

A feature of Perón’s extensive filmography is that he always does everything in his neighbourhood, Ituzingo, where he is a living legend and illustrious citizen. In fact, he directs the Ituzingo International Film Festival (FECI) and has been directing a free film workshop in the local municipality for 22 years.

“Incidentally,” he says, “Yesterday I went to see a new place, because the place we used to previously was very disorganized after the pandemic and could not be used. The idea was just 40 the next month. Have to start the workshop again with the people, until the end of the year. And look for a new place in 2023 or try to fix another.”

In total, Ral “El Pero” Perón directed and produced over 60 films entirely independently, which have always been successful with local and international critics, with appearances at festivals around the world. He was in Viale, in museums such as MoMA, at the Cineteca de México and even at the University of Oxford, where many days were devoted to his work and career.

An image from Raul Peron’s film “Sean Eternux”, presented at BAFICI.

Almost be eternal

– When did you film this new movie?

I made it in 2019, a year in which I made three films. This was just before the pandemic. My original intention was to start it out, but then the pandemic appeared and I didn’t want to wait any longer, and I know I always have the opportunity to be at BAFICI.

Raul Peron’s “Sean Eternx” Flyer

One description is that the heroes appear to be swimming in a pool. You took the neighborhood kids out of football clichés.

All actors are children whose life was very difficult. They are between 17 and 20 years old and go to a development center for help. This is the La Torcaza Development Center, where there is a summer holiday camp and among other things they play football, but it seemed more incredible to film them underwater. And not falling into the obvious anyway, which is something that always worries me.

– How was the shooting?

Children have some stories that are overwhelming for them to tell, and I see them watching each other and trying to fall in love. They are all from the casting that I did at the development centre. It took me days because not many people wanted to participate. It was acted almost like a documentary. Then I started filming and there I saw a girl who was sitting and I asked her if she wanted to act. She became the heroine.


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