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A farce? Nacho Casano and Daniella Navarro confirm romance in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ and Laura Bozzo explodes (VIDEO)

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  • In the middle of the last week of ‘The House of Famous 2’ an unexpected romance happens
  • Laura Bozzo explodes over the ‘love affair’ between Daniella Navarro and Nacho Casano
  • The reactions of the people are not long in coming

The House of Celebrities 2 is in its final week and when there are only five participants left, practically those who will dispute the 200 thousand dollars an unexpected romance arose that has the entire audience surprised and outraged, as is Laura Bozzo herself who exploded because of that situation.

Daniella Navarro and Nacho Casano went from living 11 weeks “hating” each other and being enemies, but now in recent days they have remained “very close” with talks until dawn and it turns out that they swear that “love” arose for them and even kisses and cuddles there was already, which impacted the audience, but especially Laura Bozzo.

Nacho Casano and Daniella Navarro have a ‘romance’ in The House of Celebrities 2

Romance The House of the Famous

In the nominees last dinnerattended by Toni Costa, Daniella Navarro, Salvador Zerboni, Nacho Casano and Laura Bozzo, the bomb exploded when the Peruvian unexpectedly received the news from the couple about an alleged love interest between them while they held hands throughout moment.

Manipulation, farce, strategy, show? These are the questions that in recent days all viewers of the Telemundo reality show have speculated about the situations of La Casa de los Famosos 2, but no one expected that this unexpected “romance” would arise in the final week, when Daniella Navarro claimed to want to be example for her daughter, criticizing Ivonne for “flirting” with Eduardo Rodríguez, Lewis Mendoza and Salvador Zerboni, when she is the one who has kissed them and now Nacho Casano.

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