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a dream house, with songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda

a dream house, with songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda

No, no, the Colombian Madrigal family does not belong to the Cinematographic Universe of Marvel, but all its members have superpowers. Everyone except Mirabel, the protagonist to whom the Argentine Stephanie Beatriz gives the voice, in this marvel of Disney which Lin-Manuel Miranda He has written some very beautiful songs for her.

The presentation is reminiscent of another Disney classic, Beauty and the Bestito. Why? Because it serves as a presentation of all the main characters through a song.

And also because if the 1991 film, which was a candidate for the main Oscar, displayed in a brief synthesis everything that it was going to do next: the camera turned for the first time around Bella, as it would later with her and the Beast in the ballroom of the haunted castle.

Maribel Is Voiced By Argentina'S Stephanie Beatriz.  Disney Photo

Maribel is voiced by Argentina’s Stephanie Beatriz. Disney Photo

These first minutes of Charm they are all a display of color, of bravery.

Well not that Charm is based on or the creators of the story had an eye on the Gary Trouslade and Kirk Wise film. There is a family here with a dozen members, and Bella had only her inventor dad. Yes, there is an extra pressure for being within family expectations, something that Mirabel suffers, just the one that for some reason that we will not reveal does not have superpowers, and for achieving something similar to perfection.

A Lot, But A Lot Of Color, And A Very Latin Story Is What &Quot;Encanto&Quot; Has.  Disney Photo

A lot, but a lot of color, and a very Latin story is what “Encanto” has. Disney Photo

With big sticks is the protagonist, to whom the Argentine Stephanie Beatriz lends her voice. Of course, not all family members have the same weight, nor are they the same time on screen. Some are more leading, and others are just painted-and how well painted they are, that does not sound pejorative at all.

From the directors of “Zootopia”

Jared Bush and Byron Howard have already co-directed together Zootopia. Those who saw the movie with the bunny Judy know that they care more about relationships than any technical animation prodigy.

The United Family.  They All Have Powers Except Maribel.  Still, She Is A Special Girl.  Disney Photo

The united family. They all have powers except Maribel. Still, she is a special girl. Disney Photo

The little house came to life, with magic. There will be those who can talk to animals, or who have extraordinary strength. But to her, no. Mom reassures her. How? He tells him that he is as special as anyone in the family. And when the Casita and the family are in danger of collapsing, it will be Mirabel who will put the matter on her shoulders. To save the magic.

Yes, because she is as special as the others … But also because she discovers something …

Maribel Madrigal.  The Magical Realism Of Gabriel García Márquez Is Present In The Film.  Disney Photo

Maribel Madrigal. The magical realism of Gabriel García Márquez is present in the film. Disney Photo

Mirabel would not literally be a Disney princess, but she has a self-confidence that goes hand in hand with Mulán or Mérida (Brave), and their fears from the beginning help the little ones to anchor more easily from the audience.

Because it is also true that with the songs of Lin-Manuel Miranda one can forget that Charm It is intended primarily for children. Even if you have notes that the older ones will enjoy and, like the aforementioned Beauty and the Beast, pleasure and enjoyment is for all ages.

There Are Those In The Family Who Understand And Talk To Animals.  Well, Who Doesn'T?  Disney Photo

There are those in the family who understand and talk to animals. Well, who doesn’t? Disney Photo

Charm, contrary to many Disney blockbusters of animation, it is not bombastic. It focuses on a family -OK, a large one- and in a single location, the house. And each song fulfills its role from the emotional point of view. There are no cinematographic fancies, which is not to say that the film does not surprise us with shingles that move, or candles that turn into …

Animate inanimate elements, fixed things, goes beyond the characters of Beauty and the Beast.

Many Of The Technical Team Moved To Colombia To Absorb What Would Later Be Seen And Heard In Theaters.  Disney Photo

Many of the technical team moved to Colombia to absorb what would later be seen and heard in theaters. Disney Photo

Why is it that we remember so much Beauty and the Beast? We will have good reasons.


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Animated comedy. USA, 2021. 99 ‘, ATP. From: Jared Bush and Byron Howard. Rooms: Hoyts Abasto and Dot, Cinépolis Recoleta and Avellaneda, Showcase Belgrano and Norcenter.

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