A documentary about Anthony Bourdain sparked a strong controversy

Fiction or reality? This weekend’s premiere of the documentary sparked some controversy roadrunner (street walkers) About the life of Anthony Bourdain. Chef, Writer, Television Personality, Traveler And not a tourist as he defined himself, a lovable character who found himself traveling the world with his shows no reservations u part unknown (CNN).

on the platform rotten Tomatoes Recommended by 96 percent of critics (about 70) and 100 percent of the public said they want to see it. Some tickets were available in Los Angeles theaters before streaming on HBO Max and CNN. The praise was unanimous.

This became known until director Morgan Neville learned of it in two interviews given to the magazine. the new Yorker already GQ, where he believes that Artificial intelligence used to recreate sound There are at least 3 Chef phrases that are heard, one of them is in the trailer.

The Documentary About Anthony Bourdain Was Recommended By 96 Percent Of Critics On Rotten Tomatoes.  Photo Alex Welsh / The New York Times

The documentary about Anthony Bourdain was recommended by 96 percent of critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Photo Alex Welsh / The New York Times

There was a lot of material, but …

Anthony Bourdain committed suicide in June 2018 while filming an episode of part unknown in France. His friend, Chef Eric Ripert, accompanied him and participates in the documentary along with other friends and producers of his show and his ex-wife. The rest is an amalgam of audio that he has left over in interviews, audio books, and material from his TV shows.

Still, the director felt the need to get out more phrases, even ones that Bourdain had never said aloud, and started a controversy.

Some critics felt reprimanded Because he found out about it when he posted his reviews, and he claims there was no notice of it in the credits of the film.

Neville of Los Angeles assured in interviews that he had contacted four companies that deal with artificial intelligence and gave him over 10 hours of Borden audio, until he found the software that best suited him. seemed to.

from this point of view Variety, who consulted him after the dispute, Filmmaker, who won Oscar in 2014 For a documentary about Rock Showgirl (20 steps away), he assured that he did not say anything new to them.

Anthony Bourdain Won An Oscar In 2014 And Crossed Paths With Famous People From Different Universes, Such As Iggy Pop.

Anthony Bourdain won an Oscar in 2014 and crossed paths with famous people from different universes, such as Iggy Pop.

A modern (and dangerous) technology

“It’s a modern technique that I’ve used in part. I didn’t put words in his mouth, I just wanted the sentences he wrote to feel alive.” For example when in an email Bourdain tells a friend: “You are successful, I am too. Are you happy?”.

Furthermore, he insisted that his ex-wife Ottavia and his literary agent had given him permission. “He also thought Tony would love it,” he ventured. “If you watch the movie you don’t realize. We Might Have an Ethics Panel on Documentaries Later, “Neville Apologizes” the new Yorker. The phrase sounded defiant and there are people in the industry who grabbed the glove.

Journalist vice president He didn’t ignore it and said that he thinks this deeply fake in audio, used a lot by hackers, is very dangerous. In fact he used it as a test with the host of one of his podcasts, putting words in his mouth that he had never said.

Deepfakes have a lot of realism. Using it to read their own words to someone’s death sets a new precedent in the film and fuels the technology debate, he argues.

During His Time In Argentina, Anthony Bourdain, Along With Juanchi Belliron Of Los Pericos, Tried A Choripan In Costanera.

During his time in Argentina, Anthony Bourdain, along with Juanchi Belliron of Los Pericos, tried a Choripan in Costanera.

on film, which shows him since coming out of oblivion to fame in 2000 with his book kitchen secret, seems to always be looking for something somewhere else; hence the title of the title roadrunner. Even when in his couch scene i come along part unknown To a deserted Buenos Aires in February, and decided to film a psychoanalysis session.

His partner actress Asia Argentino was not interviewed for the last two years. “He knew the relationship was going to end badly,” says a musical friend.

“It’s a catharsis for those who suffered after they left and needed to know they weren’t alone,” he speculates. The public filled the rooms this Friday and Saturday, yet they were expected not to wear masks inside if they had been vaccinated.

Asia Argento, Who Had Been In A Relationship With Bourdain For The Past Two Years Of The Chef'S Life, Was Not Interviewed For The Documentary.

Asia Argento, who had been in a relationship with Bourdain for the past two years of the chef’s life, was not interviewed for the documentary.

Another story will be for those who leave since Saturday night, when Los Angeles and Hollywood cover their mouths again because Delta variant threatens non-vaccination.

That’s why one pass of the film the newspaper made was so good Los Angeles Times At the end of June, in a park, in a picnic format, with my DJ friend and The Best Chefs in Los Angeles Are Paying Tribute. Would Tony have liked it?

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