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a director’s regret for turning down a cameo

As curious as it may seem, Taylor Swift wanted to appear, at all costs, in one of the films of the saga Twilight New Moon. The American singer has always declared herself a fan of the subject and for this reason, she tried to make a small cameo in one of the films. However, director Chris Weitz turned her down.

It was Weitz himself who told the anecdote during an interview with the podcast The Twilight Effect (via The Independent), and right there he also admitted that denying the singer participation is something he regrets. “I want to hit my head against the wall,” Weitz said of his decision.

“Taylor Swift was a huge fan and fan of the series. And besides, she and I had the same manager at the time. He was the one who told me about Taylor wanting to be in one of the movies. ‘Taylor would like be, he really is a big fan‘ he told me,” Weitz recounted.

Taylor Swift didn't ask for much, but they didn't give her anything.  AFP Photo

Taylor Swift didn’t ask for much, but they didn’t give her anything. AFP Photo

And it went even further, the representative made it clear to the director that Taylor had no great pretensions in terms of a particular role. She just wanted to be on set and show up even if she was in a cameo. “She told me that she would be very happy even with a minor role, playing someone in the cafeteria, or in the restaurant or whatever. And she insisted that she just wanted to be in the movie.”

No means no

However, despite the singer’s insistence, Weitz decided not to take Swift to join the cast, not even for a fleeting appearance such as a cameo.

The director gave his reasons for that rejection. Weitz was convinced that the singer’s presence would be a distraction for viewers. He “he thought that she would end up having a negative impact on the film”, thus explaining why he did not accept Taylor’s request.

“The hardest thing for me was thinking, at the moment that Taylor Swift was on the screen, for about five minutes, and I felt that nobody in the audience was going to be able to process anything,” Weitz argued.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson stars in the "Twilight" saga.  Photo File Clarin

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson stars in the “Twilight” saga. Photo File Clarin

Twilight New Moonfrom 2009, was the sequel to Twilight, from 2008, both starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, in the roles of Bella Swan, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black, respectively. The saga continued with Eclipsein 2010, and Sunrisedivided into two parts.

The resounding box office success around the world added millions of fans, like Taylor Swift, who got hooked on the romantic love story between the teenage protagonists, with the share of vampirism and gothic aesthetics that characterized the saga. These films also launched Stewart and Pattinson to fame and stardom.

On the other hand, for the time of the premiere of the saga of Twilight, Taylor Swift had already released her first album with an impact that established her as a pop figure. Over time, Weitz admits that now, from a distance, she made the wrong decision. “I really don’t know what she was thinking of turning her down. He might as well even have been dating Taylor Swift,” he added.

However, he admitted that this idea was surely not in the plans of the singer. “She must have thought, ‘Who is this idiot?‘ Anyway, sometimes you make decisions thinking that this is the best thing for a movie and nothing more.”


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