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A DiCaprio and Scorsese Production! Keanu Reeves to star in ‘The Devil in the White City’ series

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Keanu Reeves will star in a television adaptation of The devil in the White Citythe successful non-fiction thriller about ambition, a murderer and 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago.

Reeves will play Daniel H. Burnham, an architect who is “trying to make his mark in history” with his designs for the fair, Hulu said in announcing the limited series on Thursday. The actor who will have the other central role has not yet been chosen, the one with the convicted murderer Dr. H. H. Holmessaid the streaming service.

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Erik Larson’s novel-style account of the fair, formally called the World’s Columbian Exposition, published in 2003. The fair’s nickname was White City due to the color of many of its building exteriors.

Several Hollywood figures considered the book, and Leonardo DiCaprio acquired the rights in 2010 with the aim of starring in a version for the big screen as Holmes. Martin Scorsese was reportedly set to direct.

Scorsese, DiCaprio and Reeves are among the producers of the series. There was no immediate word on a role for DiCaprio in the Hulu project, and release date not announced.

Reeves has worked almost exclusively on film, on films that include the franchises Matrix Y John Wick. On television, she had brief appearances on swedish dicksa comedy series about Swedish private detectives that aired from 2016 to 2018.

Holmes, whose real name was Herman Webster Mudgett, was linked to and confessed to several murders. He was found guilty and sentenced to death for only one, and in 1896 he was executed.

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