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A celebration with the opera as the protagonist in the Konex

The seventh edition of the Konex Classical Music Festival, from 4 to 8 May, will accompany opera four great composers of the genreWolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Richard Wagner, Giacomo Puccini and Giuseppe Verdi.

They will be performed by the Lyrica Orchestra Festival, which will be organized by Charles OldDirected by Bellisomi Quintet and Buenos Aires Ballet Company Federico Fernandez and choreography by Emanuele Abruzzo, who will perform the Ballet en la Opera Gala.

“Opera is a genre in which singing, poetry, music, theater and the visual arts converge, making it an art of singular expressive power, which is one reason why opera continues to conduct and advance centuries later.” “L said.UIS OvsjevichPresident of the Konex Foundation.

Notable conductor Carlos Viu.

Notable conductor Carlos Viu.

song time

Ovsjevich also pointed out that “after previous editions of the festival, in which we focused on different musicians, it seemed appropriate to dedicate 2022 to Lyric”.

“Together with Carlos Vieu and Marcelo Ayub, we anticipated the gala nights and produced a repertoire of excellent operatic works with the intention of bringing the public closer to a careful selection, which allows solo artist talent and at the same time reveal all the richness of the style that is still in force”, he reflected.

Inauguration Wednesday 4. will have toIt will be accompanied by the Verdi program, Closing Moments, with a performance by the Festival Lyrica Orchestra, accompanied by the voices of Monica Ferracani, Marina Silva, Alejandra Malvino, Enrique Folger, Gaston Oliveira Vaccesar and Leonardo López Linares.

On Thursday 5, the Bellisomi quintet will be presented, a string Quartet Joined Marcelo Ayub on piano to form Mozart Bel Canto, with singers Jacqueline Livieri, Constanza Diaz Fallu, Dario Schmunk, Alejandra Malvino, Omar Carrion and Hernán Ituralde.

Federico Fernandez will present his company Buenos Aires Ballet.  photo martin bonetto

Federico Fernandez will present his company Buenos Aires Ballet. photo martin bonetto

The Wagner Gala, on Friday the 6th, will be the great prelude and prelude, a fully orchestral performance by the Festival Lyrica Orchestra, organized by Carlos Vieu.

On Saturday the 7th, it will be for Puccini, the essential act, performed by the Festival Lyrica Orchestra with the voices of Marina Silva, Daniela Tabernig, Enrique Folger and Gaston Oliveira Wekeser.

How will the grand finale be?

Will be in charge of closing the festival Buenos Aires BalletBAB and Teatro Colón are the principal figures of the stable ballet, directed by Federico Fernández with choreography by Emanuele Abruzzo, who will present the Gala de Ballet en la Opera.

It could not be missed from the programming of this festival, A place for children.

Actually, the show will be presented on Saturday and Sunday at 11 am. Nobody sleeps! lyrical bullshitin charge of Juventus Lyrica, with book and address by Maria Jaunarena. An adventurous journey through the magical world of opera with the most famous works by Mozart, Wagner, Gaetano Donizetti and Vincenzo Bellini translated into Spanish.

The 7th COENEX Classical Music Festival is supported by the patronage of the City of Buenos Aires and sponsors from the private sector.

where and when

Wednesday, May 4, Verdi, closing moments, 8:00 p.m.; Thursday 5, Mozart Bel Canto, 8 p.m.; Friday 6, Wagner, Fantastic Proposal and Prelude, 8 p.m.; Saturday 7th, Puccini, Essential Functions, 8 p.m. and Sunday 8th, Ballet Gala at the Opera, 7 p.m. On Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th, at 11am, no one sleeps! Lyrical bullshit. In Connex Cultural City, Sarmiento 3131. ticket $1000 by www.festivalkonex.org.


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