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A blind play to see with all your senses, here and on Broadway

A blind play to see with all your senses, here and on Broadway

Deep crisis. Anguish. Need to reinvent yourself. New normal. The Argentine company Teatro Ciego went, like many, through this journey. They were about to premiere a show on Off Broadway for the first time when the pandemic appeared. The project was truncated and the illusion faded.

But they had revenge: currently Odd man out is on the bill in New York and is simultaneously presented in the Teatro Ciego Palermo room, in Spanish, under the title Toad from another well.

It is a theatrical experience that can be “seen” with all the sensesexcept the view. And, both in Argentina and in the US it is accessible in two versions: face-to-face or delivery. The play takes place in complete darkness and the cast is made up of sighted and blind actors.

A Moment From &Quot;Odd Man Out&Quot; Or &Quot;Toad From Another Well&Quot;, The Blind Theater Experience.

A moment from “Odd Man Out” or “Toad from another well”, the blind theater experience.

Stand up for the pandemic

Odd man out It premiered in the Palermo theater in October 2019, in a different format than the one presented now. And when I was going to make my debut on Off Broadway, the restrictions due to the pandemic appeared ”, Facundo Bogarín, one of the directors of the show, reviews.

To return, but with protocols, they decided tell the same story, but from another perspective. In the first staging of the play, in which the actors were in person (although in the dark) on stage, Bogarín composed Alberto. Now the performances are recorded and the audience enters the story through the voices listening through headphones and sensory effects.

“In February 2020 we made a presentation at the Argentine Consulate in New York and the play had a very good impact,” recalls Martín Bondone, author and also director of the show. Then came what we know. They could not continue in Buenos Aires, or premiere on Broadway.

Odd Man Out, The Blind Play Made By Argentines And Hit Broadway.

Odd Man Out, The blind play made by Argentines and hit Broadway.

How to return

In times of transition, the way they found to return was to present Odd man out What an immersive theatrical sensory box to do the experience at home. The box began to arrive at the home of those who bought the kit, with all the necessary elements to follow the story. Thus they installed the delivery theater.

It worked so well that now that they are back in theaters, in addition to the functions, they keep the option at home.

In the theater, the audience takes a seat, puts on the headphones and enjoys the performance, listening to the recorded voices (Juan Palomino is the voice of the protagonist of the Spanish version) and the effects, live; therefore, they say that it is a “half-living.”

A Scene From &Quot;Odd Man Out&Quot;, The Blind Play.

A scene from “Odd Man Out”, the blind play.

Spectators become “passengers”, who enter the room guided by their stewardess or flight attendant. The current capacity, here, is 35 spectators, who immerse themselves -without using the sense of sight- in the story of Alberto, a blind musician who flies from New York to Buenos Aires, after decades of self-exile.

As listeners delve into the love story, prejudices and fears experience a multi-sensory “journey” with 360 ° surround sound, also called binaural or 8D. In the home version, a boarding pass with a QR code is sent in the box, so that the viewer can access the work, a mask, it also has small bottles with aromas, a wine and an alfajor.

The voices were recorded by actors from seven countries different. Both the English and Spanish versions have sighted and blind actors in the cast. In the case of the child who plays the protagonist when he is young, two blind boys were chosen.

Martín Bondone, One Of The Directors Of Teatro Ciego, Also An Author.

Martín Bondone, one of the directors of Teatro Ciego, also an author.

“It was a nice opportunity to give them. A young blind actor does not have so many opportunities and we thought it was good to give it to him ”, says Facundo, a musician, actor and director, who is also blind.

Auditory imagination and sensory effects that unfold in the room are put into play to awaken the magic. Smells to discover or items to touch; even resources that allow the public to feel the weather.

“There is no experience like that of Teatro Ciego de Argentina -which it turned 15 years of existence-, in the world ”, Martín sentences. “It is the only theater where all the programming and all the experiences are done using the technique of theater in the dark.” Now, from the hand of the Argentine company, Odd man out it is in the northern hemisphere.

Facundo Bogarín, Another Of The Directors Of Teatro Ciego.

Facundo Bogarín, another of the directors of Teatro ciego.


Odd Man Out / Toad from Another Well It was written by Martín Bondone and directed by Bondone, Carlos Armesto and Facundo Bogarín. It comes in The Flea Theater, at the Off Brodway New York and at the Teatro Ciego Palermo (Borges 1974), in Buenos Aires, from Wednesday to Sunday (www.teatrociego.org).


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