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’90 Day Fiancé’s Emily and Kobe Respond to Criticism That She’s Taking Advantage of Her Father (Exclusive)

Emily has been talking candidly about her relationship with her father, David, who 90 day fiancé This season of the hit TLC reality series got to know and love the audience. ET’s Melicia Johnson talks about her journey to marrying Emily and Kobe and the shocking news that she is pregnant again, and the criticism she has faced along the way.

Emily and David and their son, Koban, stayed with Emily’s parents, David and Lisa, for the entire season Kobe could not work while he did not yet have his green card. David only asked Emily not to get pregnant again while she was under their roof – which ended up being. Some viewers criticized Emily for not thinking about her actions and accused her of taking advantage of her father. David also told the cameras that he could no longer retire in a year and a half as he wanted to and wondered if he would be too easy on Emily and Kobe. Emily admitted to ET that her father is extremely kind, but added that viewers aren’t seeing the whole picture.

“Well, know that you only see one side of our lives,” she says. “My dad is a saint, he would literally do anything for any of us – there are five of us – for any of his kids. And he let Kobe here. He had never met Kobe before. I guess That shows a lot about my parents. They’re like, ‘Sure. He can stay with us. It’s fine. We’ve met him twice on Zoom. Whatever.’ And before I was pregnant, I was gone all the time. I basically said to people, I’m like, ‘I didn’t really live here. I slept here, but I was gone all day long.’ “

Emily and Kobe and their children still live with their parents after welcoming their second child, daughter Scarlett.

“But I don’t think I take advantage of his kindness,” notes Emily. “He’s very open-handed about it. And even now he’s like, ‘Get out when you’re ready.’ Because we’re looking for homes, but the market is terrible right now and there’s nothing we love. … I mean, I’m definitely a daddy’s girl. But I don’t think I’m his Take advantage. And I know it sounds like it, but I really don’t. Kobe takes care of the animals. I do the cooking and a lot of cleaning. We drag our weight around the house, so that’s it. Not that we sit here and do nothing. And I worked. People like to talk that I didn’t have a job. I’m like, I’ve had a job since I was 14.”

Emily also responded to her sister, Madeline, candidly telling the cameras that she “taken advantage” of her parents and didn’t understand how her actions affected others.

“Well, when he said that, I was like, ‘B**ch, what the f**k?’ But no, I can see how it looks,” Emily reflects. “Obviously, we got pregnant by accident. We actually used an app and … it was an accident. It was actually because when we found out at the pharmacy, it was like, ‘Oh My gosh.’ So yeah, so my sister is saying that, I totally see how it looks. And we wanna go out. I wanted to go out [when I] Came back from China.”

Emily explained that when she came back from China – where she met Kobe – she was pregnant and that her parents asked her to stay with them. It then made financial sense for him to continue living with his parents when he became pregnant again with Scarlett.

“And I have savings, but I didn’t want to blow my savings knowing that I’m going to have another baby and I’m going on maternity leave and then [Kobe] Couldn’t work,” she says. “So, there’s no point in being here. And we pay our parents who… I mean, we pay them. I won’t say how much, but we contribute. And like Kobe, any project my dad has, Kobe is much more than hands-on. …So I’m like, ‘As long as we live with you, let’s, like, help fix the house and we put on more weight than ever since we had another baby.’ They told us not to.”

“But you know what, it’s not like our second child inflated the bills,” she adds. “Well, she was breastfed. And if there was formula, we’d pay for it. We pay for diapers. We pay for everything, right? It’s not like she’s electric and Whatever was using. So it wasn’t really that expensive to add another baby, you know what I mean?”

As far as Kobe is concerned, he revealed that he and David are extremely close.

“I’d say David and me, it’s not just like father-in-law and son-in-law. He’s like a friend, like a mentor,” he notes. “Somebody I really look up to because he’s played the role a father can play for a son, a friend can play for a friend, a mentor can play a student and things like that. ‘I mean, I’m really watching him and we have a really strong relationship.

As far as their wedding is concerned, Emily doesn’t regret spending money on the occasion and buying her own ring, for which her sister again criticized her on camera.

“Well, I have enough savings to have my place as a family. So, I wanted a wedding and I wanted a ring,” Emily says in fact. “I’ve worked very hard since I was 14 and people like to think I don’t have money. And I’m like, ‘I live with my parents, I just save money.’ You know what I mean? So I really love my ring. … and the wedding, honestly, I’ve wanted to get married in my house before and just, like, 10 people. I’m pretty short on it wanted to have. Everyone else wanted a big wedding and it wasn’t even that big. We had, like, 30, 35 people, but I’m glad we did because it was so much fun. I had family that was out Came from, like, California and Colorado and Texas, and his friends came from Ohio. So I’m glad we did. And we got to enjoy and celebrate with everyone.”

90 day fiancé Airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.

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