’90 Day Fiancée’: Binium’s sisters call Ariella ‘Evil’ and say she’s ‘trapped’ as he moves to America

'90 Day Fiancée': Binium's sisters call Ariella 'Evil' and say she's 'trapped' as he moves to America

When it comes to the relationship between Ariella and Binium’s sisters, Vish and Mimi, there seems to be no hope of reconciliation. in Sunday’s episode 90 day fiancéBinium and Ariella said goodbye to Ethiopia when they moved to New York City, and Binium’s sisters shed tears as they worried about her future in America and how she would be treated.

Ariella and Binium’s sisters had bad blood for a while, but it boiled over in last Sunday’s episode when Wish threw a glass of wine at Ariella’s face because she was upset that Binium didn’t give it to her family. Told that he was going to America. the night before. Ariella said she was trying to mend the relationship, but on Sunday’s episode, Binium continued to push for peace between her siblings and her fiancée. He asks Ariella to go to lunch with her family and she refuses.

“I don’t want to be in the middle,” Binium told the cameras. “I’m already stressed. … I want everyone to get along before I go to America.”

Meanwhile, Ariella said, “His sisters never treated me well and I always give them chances, but at this point, I don’t want to do anything with them.”

At Binyam’s family lunch, Vish said that she was glad Ariela didn’t come and that Ariela had to say sorry to her. When asked by a producer if he should also say sorry, he replied, “100 percent not.”

“She said, like, we’re not that important to her after all,” Wish said. “Like, it hurt me.”

Later, Mimi sheds tears as she was worried about her brother.

“You know what it means to be naive, don’t you? It’s like stupidity,” he told her. “Don’t be too naive. Take care of yourself, that’s the most important thing.”

He encouraged her to try to be reunited with his American ex-wife, along with their eldest son, Simon. Binium hasn’t seen Simon in over three years and is heartbroken over this, which is why he is so determined to make his relationship with Ariella work to be closer to his son, Avi. Binium said that he still wants to try to mend the relationship between his family and Ariella because he too would feel “broken” if he lost his family.

But Ariella blames her family.

“It has always been important to Bini that I have the support of her family,” he said. “So the fact that her sisters never treated me well makes me sad for Beanie because they’re hurting her.”

Wish and Mimi didn’t want to face Ariella at the airport, so she went back inside the car. When they ask if Ariela is ready to let them say goodbye to Avi, Binium talks to Ariella in the car and she refuses, saying it’s cold. Binyam then tells his sisters that Avi is sleeping.

“It’s cold outside. If they’re not so stupid they can come and see him, but their behavior is really silly,” said Ariella.

Meanwhile, Vish said that the situation is “a matter of shame” and shed tears.

“I can’t believe she doesn’t let us say goodbye to Avi,” she told the cameras. “He’s like our kid, who got hurt. It hurt a lot.”

“We think he’s evil,” Mimi said.

Vish tells Binyam that if he has a problem in America, they can pay for a ticket to bring him back and doesn’t want to hear “anguish” about him.

“If Avi hadn’t been born, their relationship would have been short,” Mimi told the cameras. “Bini is my brother. Our parents died early and we had no one in our lives. Beanie…he’s gullible, really gullible. And he trusts people and is patient. And the things that happen to him.” She makes me feel so sad. And what’s happening to her now is something I know she doesn’t deserve.”

“She is the definition of being stuck,” Wish said.

Binium admitted that he was afraid to move to America, but had no choice but to fight for his family and his relationship with Ariella.

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