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’90 Day Fiancée’: Ariella and Binium finally marry in emotional ceremony

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Ariella and Binium made it down the aisle! in Sunday’s episode 90 day fiancéThe couple married in an emotional ceremony, attended by Ariella’s family and virtually witnessed by Binium’s family in Ethiopia.

The couple has gone through a lot of ups and downs since meeting each other in Ethiopia, welcoming their lovely son, Avi, and eventually moving closer to Ariella’s family in New Jersey, and hence the Binyam dreams of becoming an MMA fighter. can follow. Although both Binium and Ariella expressed doubts whether their love was enough to overcome serious issues like learning to communicate with each other and having different religious beliefs, they tied the knot on Sunday’s episode.

Before the ceremony, Binium had a lavish moment with Ariella’s father, Fred, while he had a haircut. She asks Fred for Ariella’s hand in marriage, which he gives. However, Binium made reservations about holding a Jewish wedding ceremony in a Jewish temple, given his Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity, although he noted that since Ariela allowed Avi to be baptized, she had to sacrifice for him as well. fell. Meanwhile, Ariella said that she initially did not want to invite Binium’s sisters, Vish and Mimi, to watch the ceremony, as they did not get along, but had a change of heart as it allowed Binium to represent her family. I will be happy. Binyam spoke to his family on Zoom and admitted that he feels “alone”, but they assured him that they are with him and that they love him.

“Of course I miss my family a lot, but I am very happy to be here because now I have my own family with Avi and Ari,” Binyam told the cameras. “That’s my dream, it’s like, my everything.”

Ariella looked gorgeous in her wedding dress and told the cameras that she decided to focus on all the positive aspects of her and Binium’s relationship, instead of focusing on the negatives for the past 90 days. Is.

“While I agree that the road ahead is not going to be easy for Beanie and I and that nothing magical has happened overnight, in the case of Beanie and I, where we are completely different. Coming from backgrounds and we couldn’t be more different, deciding to marry each other is definitely a leap of faith,” she said.

Ariella and Binium smiled during the ceremony and Binium said that Ariella was their “angel” given to them by God. The two shared a touching vow, reflecting on meeting each other in Ethiopia when Ariela approached them on the street. Ariella said that she never thought that the moment would lead to their wedding and the two told each other how much they loved each other.

“We don’t know what the future holds, but I definitely think there are going to be a lot more adventures in this family’s future,” Ariella said.

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