’90 Day Fiancé’ tell-all: Mike says he and Ximena got back together

'90 Day Fiancé' tell-all: Mike says he and Ximena got back together

Mike is desperate for his relationship with Ximena. during part one of this season 90 Day Fiancé: Before 90 Days’ Tell all special, Mike says that he and Ximena are back together – despite what she didn’t want to do with him after breaking up with him.

during the season finale 90 Day Fiancé: Before 90 Days That also aired on Sunday, with Mike spending his last night at a hotel in Colombia after Ximena kicked him out. Ximena apparently told Mike beforehand that she was not in love with him, and became upset when he accused her of using her for money and then refused to leave her house because she Said he helped pay the rent. Eventually, he agreed to move to a hotel when his sister stepped in to diffuse the situation. Ximena’s mom and sister were clearly upset about the breakup, with Ximena’s mom admitting that Mike’s financial help ensured the family “would eat.” Despite Ximena’s coldness towards Mike, she was also clearly upset about the breakup, shedding tears when she said goodbye to him.

“I know her feelings for me are genuine, but that doesn’t change the decision I made,” she said, noting that all her annoyances with Mike added to her not marrying him. .

Meanwhile, Mike sadly told the cameras, “This past year has been the happiest year I’ve ever had. And I’ve never loved anyone as much as I did Ximena.”

The next morning, Mike asks her sons and his family to come over to say goodbye, but he tells her that she never wants to see him again after being rude to her. Mike said a brief goodbye to the family, and he said it was “a great loss to him” as he was joined by his sons, Harold and Juan.

“I deserve better than just saying goodbye on the phone,” he said. “It really sounds like crap but I’m really ready to go home and move on with my life.”

“I’ve taken advantage of me with Ximena,” he said. “I’m just going to focus on me and do what’s best for me.”

Mike said he wasn’t going to reach out to Ximena, but clearly, he had a change of heart. He later messages her as she was filming, telling her that he still wants to give her money and help pay the rent despite her refusal.

“Please let me help you,” she texted him. “I want to work on things and come to Colombia on September 1st to get married.”

Ximena calls him and he says that she will not accept his help and that they can be friends if he wants. But Mike continues to insist on getting back together, wooing her with money and things he could provide for her.

“I see you want to be like, buy me, buy my love,” he told her. “And you said I wanted you for the money.”

Mike said that he only told her because he was upset.

“But I really, really love him,” she told the cameras. “He deserves to fight for it.”

During the tell-all, Mike was present in person to film, while Ximena made a virtual appearance. Mike tells the shocked host Sean Robinson that they are back together.

“We were able to make it work,” he said. “And today we’re back together.”

However, in previews for part two of the tell-all special, things are clearly not rosy. Ximena once again reiterated that she did not love Mike.

“He knows that,” she says in shock.

ET spoke with Mike in February, and he said he gave Ximena $15,000 over the course of their relationship. He also admitted that he didn’t know if Ximena was really attracted to him.

“From episode one, I really don’t know how I feel,” he said. “Because I can’t really judge her very well, but looking back now on the episode with what she was saying, I’m wondering in my head if she really loved me.”

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