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’90 Day Fiancé’: Patrick Begs Thais’ Disappointed Dad For His Acceptance To Marry Her (Exclusive)

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Patrick is doing everything he can to marry Thais instead of returning to Brazil. In this exclusive clip of Sunday’s new episode 90 day fiancéPatrick and Thais have a tense video meeting with their father, Carlos, as his refusal to marry is the main reason Thais is unsure of marrying Patrick a few days before their scheduled wedding.

Thass moved from Brazil to Texas to be with Patrick, but did not tell his father that they intended to marry. Carlos certainly didn’t approve of the marriage when she finally came clean and asked him to come home, noting that he didn’t trust Patrick’s intentions. During last week’s episode, Thays admitted that his father’s opinion meant potentially calling off their wedding more than hurting Patrick’s feelings for him. In this exclusive clip, Patrick makes a final attempt to change Carlos’ mind about the wedding.

In the video meeting, Carlos says that he does not understand their relationship because Patrick must marry someone who lives in the United States and Thai must find someone in Brazil so that he is not so far away. Patrick replies that understanding love is very “complicated”.

“I didn’t imagine, before meeting Thais, that I would marry a Brazilian woman,” Patrick tells her in Portuguese. “But, when I met him, I couldn’t stop trying to be with him.”

“There’s no ‘right’ place to find someone you love,” Thais says.

Carlos says he’s worried about what will happen to the Thais because he’s so far away, and he’s only met Patrick three or four times, so of course he’s unsure of her. Patrick acknowledges that he should have made a better effort to get to know Carlos, and tells him that he and the Thais will return to Brazil every year. Carlos notes that he is “honestly unhappy” with the Thais but it seems to be the end.

“It’s his decision,” he admits at the end, as Patrick cracks a smile. “I doubt it. But I hope you prove me wrong, see? I hope you don’t let me down.”

“I want you to trust me more in our marriage,” Patrick tells her. “And one day, that we will have your blessing.”

90 day fiancé Airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.

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