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’90-day fiancé ‘: Natalie goes on a date with a model after breaking up with Mike

'90-day fiancé ': Natalie goes on a date with a model after breaking up with Mike

After the separation from Mike, Natalie is looking for the one and future father of her children. In the latest episode of 90 days: Single life, Natalie went on a blind date with a model and wasn’t shy about letting him know what she was looking for.

Natalie went to her hairdresser Ryan to get a new look for her date and announced that she met the model through an online platform where models are looking for agents. She asked the man who ran the platform if he knew anyone she could date, and he put her in touch with a model named Johnny. Natalie noticed that he wasn’t like Mike, which she liked. But she also had reservations about him as he had pictures of himself drinking alcohol on his social media. A big problem between Natalie and Mike was that she didn’t like to drink and he did.

Natalie was smiling after her makeover and was nervous about her first date in America as a single woman.

“To be honest, I’m scared of getting hurt again,” she said. “I want to know who he is. I want to consider whether he fits into the idea of ​​being my husband and father of my child?”

When she met Johnny, Natalie said he looked even better in person, but was immediately put off by the fact that he had a Red Bull and vodka. When he asked her what she wanted to drink, she got serious – quickly.

“I’m not a party girl and I wouldn’t want to look for a party boy because we wouldn’t be a match,” she told him bluntly. “Because I want to be a mother and have a child. And I am sorry that I am difficult. That’s me, so you better drink water, but my child will get well. I tell you. I’m sorry.”

Johnny told the cameras that he noticed that Natalie was nervous but that he was “good with women” and wanted her to trust him. He also said that he was definitely attracted to her. He told Natalie that he didn’t want her upset and replaced his drink with water, and she was impressed with the gesture.

“I feel good because Michael never preferred me to alcohol,” she said.

She also loved that Johnny said he believed in God 100 percent when she asked him. Another big problem between Mike and Natalie was that she was religious, but Mike said he only believed in aliens.

“My marriage to Mike was ruined because he believed in aliens,” she said. “And it is extremely important to me that my husband believes in God. So I’m kind of relieved that Johnny doesn’t see an alien in the sky. You know, good. “

Johnny noticed in front of the cameras that he had the feeling that something was between him and Natalie and that he would like to go on a second date, but that she was very reserved and obviously holding back. Natalie refused Johnny’s attempts to hold hands and hugged him goodbye. She agreed on a second date when he asked her.

“I’m happy to see Johnny again, but I’m worried about getting hurt again,” remarked Natalie, who had been through a divorce before meeting Mike. “That’s why I’m more cautious because I can’t get married and divorced all the time, I’m sick of it. I just want family and children. I just want a good guy – just a good guy. “

As a result of last week of 90 days: Single life, Natalie revealed that technically she and Mike weren’t divorced and that she wanted to show him what he’d lost.

“My current relationship with Mike is married, separated,” she told the cameras. “We decided not to get a divorce, but we decided to meet other people. Hopefully I’ll meet a good man. My dream man likes to be ordered by me. In short, I like that in relationships Say … I like to be responsible. Oh my god, it’s my need. What turns me on is a huge man under my control. This is my perfect man, I’ll tell you that. “


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