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’90 Day Fiancé’: Mike is now living with his mom, defends ex Natalie (EXCLUSIVE)

'90 Day Fiancé': Mike is now living with his mom, defends ex Natalie (EXCLUSIVE)

Despite Mike and Natalie's brutal tell-all confrontation in February, Mike doesn't totally hate his ex.

In-spite of this 90 day fiancé While Mike and Natalie’s brutal confrontation left Natalie in tears during the tell-all special that aired in February, Mike doesn’t completely hate Natalie. In this special clip from Monday 90 day diary, Mike gives an update about his life, including that of his mother, Trish, who moves in with him. He even actually defends Natalie when Trish constantly calls her a “scammer”.

Trish makes it no secret that she dislikes Natalie, even attempting to stop their marriage. In this clip, Mike says that his mother decided to stay on his farm.

“She wanted to come and help me on the farm and stuff and, you know, give me a hand with things, and she wanted to sell her house and retire and look at stuff, but there would be rules,” she Tells the cameras. Laugh. “My mom is definitely happy to see me headed in the right direction, she wants me to be completely happy like every mom wants to be.”

Later, at dinner, Trish asks if he’s dating again, even though he and Natalie aren’t completely divorced. Mike says he wants to finalize the divorce before making another commitment. Trish can’t help but take another jibe at Natalie, asking her if she thinks Natalie coming to America to marry her was “all a scam” on her part. Mike disagrees.

“My mom uses the word scammer a lot in relation to Natalie, but I’m totally not into it, you know?” He says.

When Trish calls Natalie a “cheating, lying, conniving snake,” Mike says it’s his opinion.

“I mean, yeah, she definitely did bad things to me… but I mean, I’ll always have good memories of Natalie,” he replies.

, new episodes of 90 day diary Airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET on TLC and Discovery+.

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