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’90 Day Fiancé’: Jibari admits he wouldn’t have married Miona if there wasn’t a deadline (EXCLUSIVE)

Jibri is facing some serious pressure when it comes to marrying Miona. In this special clip from Sunday 90 day fiancéJibri confesses to her parents that she is basically being forced to marry Miona in 90 days so that he can live with her in America as opposed to going back to her home country of Serbia.

Miona, in particular, has rubbed her parents as well as her best friend, David, the wrong way since Jibury’s loved ones moved to South Dakota to be with her. Miona wants to leave South Dakota and move to Los Angeles sooner rather than later, although Jibri tells her that she needs to save money before they can live with her parents. Miona has caused a rift between Jibari and David, with Jibari noting that she felt that he had left his band – which also stars David – for her.

In the clip, David’s father apparently asks Jibari if he will marry Miona if he doesn’t have a 90-day deadline for her visa. Jibari says he won’t.

“No. I’ll wait until we have more time to figure things out, but that’s hypothetically speaking,” he says. “I don’t have that time.”

Jibari’s father says he wants the couple to postpone their marriage and reevaluate their decision in six months or a year. Jibri’s mother, who is not a fan of Miona, apparently agrees.

“Jibery is saying that he wouldn’t have married Miona if there wasn’t a 90-day clock, right?” She points to the cameras. “And he’s not ready to get married yet. So, I want him to listen to himself. I think what’s really holding him back in this decision to get married is the shock from Miona. It really pains me to say this because I want to be optimistic but don’t feel like it’s going to be healthy in a marriage.”

90 day fiancé Airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.

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