’90-day fiancé ‘: Jenny says she is returning to America after saying’ 100 percent ‘she doesn’t want to marry

Jenny is at a crossroads in her nine-year relationship with Sumit. In the Sunday sequence of 90 days fiancé: the other waySumit eventually told her that he had put her marriage papers on hold behind her back because he was nervous to remarry after his first arranged marriage ended in a filthy divorce. Upon hearing this, Jenny threatened to leave him and return to America.

Jenny urged him to marry Sumit because his parents eventually said they wouldn’t get in their way, even though his mother and father still do not support the marriage. Jenny’s visa to stay in India also ran out. But now Sumit got cold feet, even though he and Jenny already lived together, and Jenny previously forgave him when he never told her that he was married. Unsurprisingly, Jenny was upset about Sunday’s episode when Sumit told her about his deception.

“We finally get the green light to get married and then bam! I’m taken by surprise with ‘Not me, I’m scared,’ ”she told the cameras. “I’m hurt that he didn’t tell me and I’m angry that he did.”

When Sumit told her to support him because he was traumatized by his first marriage, she said it was time for him to support her.

“I’ve been by your side with everything,” she told him. “I was by your side, through everything, I endured everything. I’ve been through hell and back, man done for you and given up for you, and you’re still not sure if you want to marry me or not? “

Jenny left the conversation furious when Sumit told her to calm down and not pressure him to marry.

“I’m not going to give you all the time in the world,” she told him. “It’s not fair to let me hang by a thin thread here. You have the green light, we can get married. But if you still say now that we are not going to get married or I’m still scared or I need more time than I know for sure that you don’t want to marry me. And then I shouldn’t be here, really, I shouldn’t be here. “

“I think I’ll be going back to America now,” she added. “You don’t want to marry me. Absolutely 100 percent you don’t want to marry me. This is stupid. I do not do this anymore.

Meanwhile, Sumit said Jenny threatening to leave him was a manipulation tactic.

“Jenny is threatening to leave, it shows my rebellious nature that I don’t want to do anything if someone urges me that you have to, or let’s do it now,” he said. “This is exactly my fear of marriage, as if after marriage it will try to control me that way.”

Later, Jenny went to the temple and spoke to her friend Shaktimata, who bluntly told her she had to return to America to show Sumit that she was serious. She said that Sumit was a grown man who had to make a decision and that from now on he got all of the benefits of a relationship but none of the responsibilities. Jenny admitted that she couldn’t really leave Sumit.

“I say I will and I tell him I will, but when it comes down to it I can’t,” she admitted. “And he knows that. I know. That’s the problem … so there is no decision. Every time I tell Sumit that I will go and return to the US and don’t, it’s like I cry wolf. I think it’ll just buy him more time. “

“Maybe I really have to leave Sumit,” she continued. “I mean, I’m at a crossroads. Do I give Sumit, you know, time, or do I lose everything and just leave? have to be alone for a while. Maybe then he’ll find out what he really wants. I have to be strong and think of myself first. Even if it breaks my heart into a million pieces. “

ET spoke to Sumit and Jenny prior to this season 90 days fiancé: the other way and she said she has no intention of leaving him, despite what he’s done to her.

“I’m not going anywhere,” she insisted. “I’m here with Sumit whether he marries me or not. I’ve been with him for nine years, I’m not going anywhere. I will be with him. “


Reference from etonline