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Friday, July 1, 2022

’90 Day Fiancé’: Guillermo says Kara’s alcoholism drives her crazy (EXCLUSIVE)

Guillermo expresses serious concern about Kara in front of her friends. In this special clip from Sunday 90 day fiancéGuillermo meets with Cara’s friends and gets candid about Cara’s reducing her drinking.

Guillermo, a Venezuelan, met Cara in the Dominican Republic, where she was working at the time. He was a waiter at a restaurant and served tequila shots to him and his friends, and Cara was immediately attracted to him. In the previous episode, Cara, 29, proudly called herself a “cougar” and called Guillermo, 23, a “pretty young boy,” but noted that they were legal when she was 21 at the time. The two eventually became serious and he moved to Virginia to be with Kara. In this particular clip, Kara’s friends ask Guillermo if there’s anything that drives him “crazy” about Kara and he says it’s definitely his drinking.

“At some point, she just wants to keep going and never stop,” he says. “It’s too bad to say that every time you drink, I know almost exactly how it’s going to end—drunk, can’t remember the last night.”

Kara doesn’t take Guillermo’s concerns seriously, and her friends tell the cameras that Kara is definitely “a social person” who likes to go out and drink.

“I won’t tell her she can’t do it, but of course she has to understand that I will have a limit,” Guillermo says.

He then tells the cameras that Kara knows what makes him “uncomfortable” yet she does – for example, not wanting to leave the party when he wants to go home.

“I never want to go back home,” she admits, laughing. “I hate being the first one to leave the party. I have such a great time when I go out and I love talking to people when I have fun… But, it’s a learning curve.” is.”

90 day fiancé Airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.

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