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’90 Day Fiancé: David finally reveals why he broke up with Lana

90 day diary‘ Monday’s episode featured an update on one of these 90 day fiancéThe most controversial star of David. The 62-year-old Las Vegas native explained why he and Lana didn’t go on with their engagement after memorably proposed to him at the airport in 2019.

during his 90 day fiancé Traveling, David’s friends – and even a private investigator he hired from Ukraine – suspected that his online girlfriend, 28-year-old Lana, was also present. Despite talking through a website that David had paid for seven years, when he came to Ukraine to meet her, he had seen her four times and even gave her a fake address. She was shocked to meet him on her fifth trip to Ukraine, though their personal interactions were awkward to say the least.

Nevertheless, David was apparently hit with Lana, despite the private investigator who fired her saying she was on multiple dating sites and that it was unusual for American men to get scammed when trying to connect with Ukrainian women. was not. He later proposed to Lana and she said yes, although during the tell-all special, he was vague about where their relationship stood. David said they were “not together” but were still engaged. She also said that he had told her that she wanted to have “a simple life” with him with “white picket fences” and “travelling in an RV”.

During Monday’s episode, David actually went on an RV trip, but with his close friend, Jim, and one of his beloved cats. David recalls his relationship with Lana and shared why they broke up.

“She thought, ‘Okay, now that we’re engaged, now you can help me do the things you promised,’ like, get her some English lessons, actually put her in an apartment. Take it away,” he said. “But part of my conditions for doing so was to give him away [dating] The website and that websites didn’t exit, so I didn’t offer any bonuses from them, so after four months of our engagement, we stopped communicating.”

David said that now that he had retired from his job as a computer programmer, he wanted to explore the possibility of living in a luxury motorcoach and traveling across the country. He was still looking for love on international dating sites and was chatting with a woman named Olga from Ukraine, although she was not the only woman he was talking to.

“When you’re doing this international job, you have many irons on fire,” he told Jim. “So if it doesn’t work it’s like, Next, you know? It sounds like crazy guys do it, but girls can do it too.”

“If I was dating women here, would I be dating five or six women at the same time? Oh, absolutely not,” he added to the cameras. “But when you’re talking online, you have to.”

When David came back from his RV trip, he said that Olga had messaged him and that he was planning to travel to see her.

“He wrote me an email and I went online to talk to him and said, hey, let’s start planning a meeting and go out there and see him, and if things don’t work out, I have a lot of There are other people there too,'” he told the cameras.

During the tell-all that aired in June 2020, David’s classmates were incredulous when he shared that although he and Lana were still engaged, he was still on dating websites. When asked about whether he is single now, David said that Lana had trouble using an iPhone because of her fingernails, so she couldn’t get out of dating sites. She also said that the men she interacted with were her only friends, and that she used the sites as an “escape” from her life in Kyiv.

During the tell-all, David also said that in the ’90s, before dating websites, he would receive catalogs in the mail with pictures of Ukrainian women and if he liked any of them, he would share them with “social “Could have been invited to. “And travel to Ukraine to meet them. David said he had been to Ukraine more than 20 times to meet women, and estimated that he spoke to more than 1,000 women. He said he had spent all these years together. Overall, $300,000 to a quarter of a million dollars was spent, but did not regret calling it a “wonderful adventure”.

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