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’90 Day Fiancé ‘: Asuelu physically kicks mother and sister out of his and Kalani’s home

'90 Day Fiancé ': Asuelu physically kicks mother and sister out of his and Kalani's home

Asuelu and Kalani’s difficult relationship with his mother, Lesina, and sister, Tammy, turned physical during Sunday’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Forever?. Lesina and Tammy visited Asuelu and Kalani’s family for Christmas before Lesina’s return to Samoa, but the visit quickly deteriorated when Kalani told them she didn’t want another baby.

Lesina and Tammy don’t get along with Kalani given their previous arguments over money. Lesina and Tammy insisted that Asuelu provide for their mother and family in Samoa, but Kalani noted that he could barely support their two young sons. Although Tammy threatened to beat both Kalani and her sister, Kolini, during last season’s reveal – after Kolini defended Kalani – the families were civil enough to meet before Lesina returned to Samoa. Asuelu met Tammy and Lesina beforehand to tell them to be on their best behavior and not to act like “animals”.

But the reunion was predictable, as Tammy wasn’t greeting Kalani in her own home. Tammy also continually criticized the financial situation, continually telling her mother that Asuelu and Kalani had a large house – although the house actually belongs to Kalani’s parents and the couple and their children live there just to save money. silver.

Later, during dinner, Lesina again insisted that she needed money from Asuelu. When Asuelu and Kalani said that if they gave her money, they wanted to make sure it was okay with her and that she wouldn’t give it to church like she had before, Tammy s ‘got upset again and told them it wasn’t. for them to question what Lesina did with the money.

But things got worse when, after a funny gift exchange, Asuelu gave Kalani a baby blanket, noting that he wanted to have more children – even after Kalani previously told him that she wanted to wait. A shocked Kalani was not happy and asked him why he was doing this in front of his family.

“We just talked about it, that it’s something between us that’s very private and it’s not something you talk about in front of other people,” she told him. “I gave you my answer and I don’t want to keep being pressured into having a baby. I don’t want him to keep forcing me to do something I don’t want to do.”

Lesina and Tammy immediately stood up for Asuelu, Lesina noting that she has nine children of her own because in Samoa, women listen to their husbands.

“You should be thinking about my brother,” Tammy told him too. “He wants to have a big family.”

Kalani was not convinced.

“My whole life goal isn’t just to get a thousand kids out,” she told cameras. “It pisses me off. And the most hypocritical thing of all is that Tammy only has two kids. So why don’t we bug little Tam-Tam to put kids in her womb instead of tell me about it? “

At this point, Kolini stepped in and said it was Kalani’s body so she could do whatever she wanted to, to which Tammy replied, “Don’t talk to my mom like that.” Lesina then told Asuelu that if Kalani didn’t want to have another baby, he had to find another woman in Samoa.

“There are a lot of women in Samoa,” Tammy added. “You will find one that will give you whatever you want.”

Asuelu said it was “ridiculous” and started yelling at Tammy that he had warned her to “have good behavior”. Lesina then yelled at Asuelu to “shut up”.

“If you don’t agree with what I’m saying, shut up!” she screamed. “Why are you telling me you need another baby?” We are trying to help you!

When Kolini said they had to stop screaming, Tammy got up from her seat and started arguing with her. At this point, Asuelu tackled Tammy and physically dragged her out of the house. Kalani, who was crying at this point, told them to please come out of her house as Lesina yelled at Asuelu not to touch her and Tammy. Asuelu said he would no longer take his children to visit him as Lesina told him: “We don’t love you anymore!”

ET spoke to Kalani and Asuelu in February, and she explained where she was with her in-laws.

“I don’t have a relationship with them so he’s the one talking or whatever he wants to do with them and I kind of just sit by the wayside,” Kalani said. “That’s what it is, let’s just say that.”

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