’90 Day Fiancé’: Ariella questions whether her relationship with Binium will ‘save’

'90 Day Fiancé': Ariella questions whether her relationship with Binium will 'save'

Ariella and Binium continue to face serious issues in their relationship even after moving to New Jersey. in Sunday’s episode 90 day fiancéAriella was under extreme stress about how they were going to pay for their lives in America, leading her to question whether she and Binium should even get married.

Binium and Ariella move with their son, Avi, from their home country of Ethiopia to New Jersey, to make a fresh start and be closer to Ariella’s family. But she was shocked during last week’s episode when her parents gave her an expensive apartment to live in for a year, but expected them to start paying rent and utilities as soon as possible. On Sunday’s episode, Ariella said that she took over the finances in her family, and was now feeling stressed because she felt like everything was falling on her shoulders. Meanwhile, Binium said that his dream is to become an MMA fighter in America.

“Bini believes anything is possible and that’s awesome and so cute, but I’ve done research and most MMA fighters don’t really make that much money and a lot of the money goes back to their training.” is,” commented Ariella. “If Benny wants to do it because he loves it that’s great, but to say that he wants to do it because he wants to support a family is, like, that doesn’t sound realistic to me.”

Meanwhile, Benjamin revealed that it was Ariella who wanted to move to America so he could not understand her unhappiness.

“I don’t understand what she wants,” she told the cameras. “If we can’t spend here, why did we come here?”

Later, when Ariella and Binium went to New York, Binium liked it and said that he wanted to go there. But Ariella pointed out how expensive it was to live in NYC and that she didn’t have a job. She also said that she felt that she did not appreciate the apartment that her parents had acquired from them for a year. When Binyam asked her to “calm down”, she was furious.

“I hate when you tell me to be quiet,” he told her. “Like, I hate it when you tell me to calm down.”

Ariella became emotional and said that she didn’t think she understood all the things they had to pay for and the things they still had to do.

“I have to take this whole family,” he told her. “It’s really hard. If these things aren’t important to you, then maybe I’m not important to you. Maybe we shouldn’t get married.”

She also told the cameras, “I’m with someone who is the exact opposite of me. Because he always dreams, it makes me always be practical and as such, it doesn’t leave much room for me to dream.” Sometimes because I’m too busy bringing him down to earth. Even if he can’t contribute financially, you know, he can give me more support or I don’t think the relationship will last. “

ET recently spoke to Ariela and Biniyam about this season 90 day fiancé And he talks about what’s to come and where his relationship with his sister, Wish, stands after the wine is thrown in Ariella’s face. Watch the video below for more.

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