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74th Primetime Emmy Awards Set Record Lowest Viewership Ever

The Emmy Awards hit a new viewership low on Monday night, with an estimated audience of 5.9 million people.even smaller than the ceremony interrupted by covid-19 two years ago.

The Nielsen company said that the ceremony in honor of the best work on television, where ted lasso was named best comedy and Succession better dramsawas down from the 7.4 million people who watched it in 2021.

The Emmy Awards, normally shown on Sunday nights, have been moved to Monday to make way for NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” opener the night before. However, he couldn’t escape football, as he competed against a hard-fought “Monday Night Football” match.

The Emmy Awards were hosted by Kenan Thompson of “Saturday Night Live.”

The previous Emmy low point, at 6.1 million people, came with a show drastically curtailed due to the pandemic in 2020.

Although football had its impact, Emmy ratings have been in steady decline since the awards began to be dominated by cable shows and streaming services. With so many more TV shows on offer, there are fewer that appeal to the large audiences that were usual in the days when broadcast TV dominated.

The last time the Emmys surpassed 10 million viewers was in 2018, when it reached an audience of 10.2 million.it is. The Emmys had 21.8 million viewers in 2000, a level it will probably never reach again.


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