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65 years after Odol Ask, question and answer cycles are the new stars of TV

65 years after Odol Ask, question and answer cycles are the new stars of TV

In the prime time, in the first afternoon or before the news, from Monday to Friday, but also on weekends, the grid has question and answer programs to choose from.. Of the six air channels, four offer this format that was born in the first years of Argentine television and that, apparently, is more current than ever.

With some variants more adjusted to these times, the resistance of question and answer programs is one of the surprises of television in recent years, which the pandemic ended. In the absence of fiction and facing reality shows and cycles with panelists, this format once again caught the public, demonstrating that to learn it is better to do it by playing.

Plus, with the attraction that they give out money prizes.

What is each one about

El Trece leads the way with two programs of this style: 100 Argentines say (at 2:30 p.m.), led by Darío Barassi, and The 8 steps of the million (at 9pm), driven by Guido Kaczka.

In Telefe is Pass word, with Iván de Pineda in the lead, while, in Elnueve, Teté Coustarot and Boy Olmi take charge of The exact time (at 22). And Roberto Funes Ugarte does the same with Who knows more about Argentina? (at 21), from the screen of Public Television.

100 Argentines Say.  One Of The Most Watched Of El Trece, Led By Darío Barassi,

100 Argentines say. One of the most watched of El Trece, led by Darío Barassi,

When television was barely five years old, in 1956 appeared Odol Asks, the first question and answer program, which had several stages through different channels: first Channel 7, then Channel 13 and later, Channel 11.

The cycle was on the air for more than 20 years and several star conductors were part of it, especially Cacho Fontana. But they also drove, in different seasons, Carlos D’Agostino, Pipo Mancera, Silvio Soldán, Antonio Carrizo and Héctor Larrea. Of all its winners, the most remembered is Claudio María Domínguez, for answering (and winning) about Greek and Roman mythology, with just 9 years.

Of the five cycles that are now in the air, Pass word is the one that measures the best, with 9.8 points reached this Tuesday. The cycle has the good vibes stamp of its driver, who was always characterized by a low profile while remaining fun and spicy.

There are some familiar faces that rotate throughout the weeks to accompany the participants in the game. Last week, after trying for 53 shows, Brian Parkinson managed to hit the complete Rosco and took more than 1,700,000 pesos, in a great television moment expected by the public.

Pass word He also has his version Famous, which runs on Saturdays at 8:30 p.m., and also works with good rating numbers, and in which the same games are presented, but with a series of questions a little simpler than those on Monday to Friday.

Another who bet to add the version Famous it is 100 Argentines say, in this case, on Sundays at 8.30pm. In the classic of the week, The program became one of the most watched on El Trece, despite having changed the schedule.

Last Tuesday the cycle reached 8.4, a more than interesting figure for the first afternoon time slot. In this second edition (the first was in 2004, with Monchi Balestra), the peculiar dynamics that Barassi imposed on him and his production is part of the program’s successful formula.

The 8 million steps It also returned to the screen after seven years (although with a modified name), with some variations, but the same conductor and a group of celebrities who serve as juries on different subjects. The program, obviously, offers a million pesos as a jackpot, which several participants have already won.

With an average of 8 points, the cycle managed to get among the most watched of El Trece.

Elnueve, for its part, offers its own variant in this format with The exact time, which achieves an average of 2 points, competing in the most difficult schedule on the grid. The cycle focuses on a certain historical event, which changes every day, appealing to archive material, and has the imprint of good chemistry between the driving couple of Teté and Boy.

La Hora Exacta With Teté Coustarot And Boy Olmi, The Question And Answer Format Of El Nueve.

La Hora Exacta with Teté Coustarot and Boy Olmi, the question and answer format of El Nueve.

For almost a year, on Public TV, the participants of Who knows more about Argentina answer about facts, characters and history that are part of the Argentine identity, with an average of 1 rating point, in different games and sections, with Robertito Funes as a good host.

Far from that Odol Asks In black and white, general culture, popular customs and various curiosities continue to challenge the knowledge of the participants and of the audience, who plays together, from the other side of the screen. A stainless format.