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50 years have passed since the death of the famous Tanguito, the pioneer of Argentine rock

He lived slow and died young. Tanguito’s life ended too soon, at the age of 26, and didn’t leave much work, They recorded only a few songs that made history despite not being officially or properly recorded. However, he remains one of the great myths and legends of Argentine rock.,

He is known as Tanguito, but his real name was José Alberto Iglesias and he had unusual surnames such as Ramses VII, Donovan El Protestón and Drago. Without intention, he was sowing all the whole elements to become a myth.

Jose Alberto "Tanguito" Iglesias, Argentine rock legend

Jose Alberto “Tanguito” Iglesias, Argentine rock legend

Tanguito’s importance can soon be summed up in the fact that he co-authored fleetThe theme he created in collaboration with Litto Nebia and which Los Gatos recorded on his debut album in 1967 became Argentine rock’s first great hit.

It was this song that started the underground movement that developed under the influence of the Beatles and gave voice to a generation. It was this success that pushed the record label to sign similar artists.

but Limiting Tanguito’s Value to One Co-Author is Diminishing, He was one of the creators of the way of singing rock in Spanish, as important as Morris, Nebia or Javier Martínez. In that first litter of musicians who frequented such famous venues as La Cueva or La Perla de Vans, Tanguito earned a place by intuition and a few moments of true genius that, unfortunately, were not recorded.

The legendary Cueva de Av.  Tanguito in Pueyrredón 1723.

The legendary Cueva de Av. Tanguito in Pueyrredón 1723.

a disturbing discography

Since he was a child, Tanguito wanted to be a singer. He admired Elvis Presley and was not free from the fury of the El Club del Clan, when there was nothing similar to rock in Spanish with rebellious and authentic lyrics. There were only local translations and imitations of American rock and roll.

Out of that initial enthusiasm, Tanguito even took a test at a record company and thus came out. Two singles with his band Los Deux in 1963 and 1964, He had no bearing and is only mentioned from time to time when his life is reconstructed by tracking down some of the breadcrumbs that Tanguito left behind.

The next single came in 1967 And it is already part of the prehistory of Argentine rock, as it is a disc with one song in collaboration with Javier Martínez and the other with lyrics by Pipo Lernaud. But the record companies weren’t clear about what the rock was about, and both rest man what golden princess They were overshadowed by a highly commercial and traditional orchestral arrangement.

The cover of the album, released in 1973 after his death, was issued with his nickname "Tango" instead of "Tangito".

The cover of the album, released in 1973 after his death, was issued with his nickname “Tango” instead of “Tangito”.

At that point in his life, Tanguito had turned the fascinating and picturesque act of walking and “wandering” around the city into a self-destructive way of life. As all his friends say, he went from amphetamine to syringe. In that hazy state he recorded a solo session at the famous TNT studio, supposedly in the middle of a Manal recording.

from there came a single spring Love You fleettwo ornaments that are actually sketches of a production that was never completed, and also the subject naturalIncluded in one compilation, all in 1970. Actually, That session was what became his posthumous album, titled tango and edited in 1973.

After that vinyl, which was re-issued in the 90s and had a logical CD version, was nothing more until…

The Lost Tapes of 1967

Thanks to information from careful collectors such as journalist Alfredo Rosso and recording technician Andrés Jiménez, it was discovered that Tanguito tested the original tapes at RCA, which later led to the production of the single. golden princess,

The tapes were in possession of RCA’s renowned producer and artistic director Mario Pizzurno, and legal steps were taken in 2009 to be able to publish them with Tanguito’s family. The guys from La Mano magazine joined in and the results CD . Was i am ramsayyes subtitles Jose Alberto Iglesias (TNT Studio, 1967),

Cover of the 2009 CD with the 1967 tapes titled "Yo Soy Ramses", a great retelling of Tanguito.

Cover of the 2009 CD with the 1967 tapes titled “Yo Soy Ramses”, a great retelling of Tanguito.

This is Tanguito’s only record in good condition.where alone with his guitar he plays his own songs like finely smotherco-authored topics like spring Love (with lyrics by Hernan Pujo) and third party songs (eg Soldier You i don’t pretendD Morris).

The result is far less rustic and tattered tango, with a better reflection of the spark of his genius. He was not a great singer or an influential musician, but he reached moments of genius because of his intuition and the fact of being surrounded by true talents who later had a more relevant career and work.

The hasty conclusion may also suggest that litto is a trademark of Nebia, which may be a creation of the characteristic humming tanguito, although at the time of so much coexistence it was difficult to determine who was the first to “invent” a new idea. who was the person. The great thing about that litter was the exchange of information and talents between all of them, who constantly fed each other.

It is also worth pointing out the immense generosity of Lito Nebia and Los Gatos when recording their debut album, as they did not hesitate to include co-authored songs, letting the world know that there were more artists in their environment. In fact, the first single with fleet It has four authors: Nebia and Tanguito Inn. fleet and in Morris and Pipo Lernaud right tomorrowWhich was side B.

a delayed acknowledgment

For years and years, tanguito was a forgotten legend, an anecdote of the beginnings of Argentine rock. True Spinetta Recorded spring Love with Invisible, but it was rare in his discography.

Unsurprisingly, his name became a huge success again (as it happened fleet) when director Marcelo Pinero made the film fierce tango In collaboration with Ada Bortnik.

Cecilia Dopazzo and Fernán Miraz in “Tango Firoz”, Tanguito’s life in a film version.

It hit the theaters in 1993. over a million viewersWhich made it possible to publish books and magazines with the story of Tanguito, on which the story of the film was not so distantly inspired.

Already in the new century, when local rock began to celebrate and self-celebrate its 40- and 50-year history, Tanguito’s songs were adopted by a new generation and there were some tributes and recordings, for example Spinetta. sang one of his songs. Singing with Your Eternal Bands, Audiovisual Project here there and everywhere Inspired by a musical, by Juan Ravioli fierce tangoOr a recent rendition by Leo García in the Usina del Arte.

in an instant, This Thursday there will be a special recital at 8:00 p.m. at the Plaza Cultural Complex in the San Martín district., as a tribute and tribute to the origins of the tanguito and national rock. will have data like morris and address Int. Campos is 2089.

Plaque “Ruta del Rock” in front of Tangito’s house in Caseros.

Another fact is that in 2019 a plaque was put up in front of Tanguito’s house in Caseros. Perhaps another will be missing, but in the city of Buenos Aires, where he was killed on May 19, 1972, by the San Martín Railroad train next to Bullrich Avenue between Demaria and Segui streets. 50 years ago.


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