5 incredible Vans sneakers to give away on Father’s Day

The Father’s Day, next June 20 we must celebrate the king of the house, that’s why we started making plans and looking for the perfect gift for dad, either in physical stores or on the Internet.

We know that parents have always liked to wear tennis shoes, more if they are comfortable and give unmatched comfort to your feet.

5 incredible Vans sneakers to give away on Father’s Day

That is why Vans has always had collections designed for all members of the familySome of them are so amazing that they surely go with dad’s style no matter how old he is.

That is why we will recommend you here 5 tennis styles made by Vans to give away on Father’s Day:

For a classic, Old Skools are the perfect solution

The Old skool It is the most classic and representative silhouette of Vans, since it was the first shoe to carry the signature Sidestripe on one side.

This silhouette debuted in 1977 as “Style 36”, a low boot style with leather panels and the now iconic “jazz stripe” that started out as a random Paul Van Doren scrawl.

This has been tennis that has been around for generations and is a great option for dad if he likes the classics. To buy click here.

For your adventurous spirit, the National Geographic Collection

If your dad likes travel, animal life and nature documentaries, this is a great gift option as it has the mark of National Geographic and there are other models with animal figures that look spectacular.

If you want to buy them, you can give click over here.

If you have a rock soul, David Bowie is for the king of the home

This limited edition collection is perfect for reviving your dad’s rock soul, and if he’s a fan of the album Diamond Dogs, there is a SK8 Hi Red Black models you will surely love it.

Here you can get some models from the collection David Bowie by Vans.

Space Lover, A Special NASA Collection

There are parents who always told you about the starsYes, they dream a lot about the secrets that will be in outer space and they always told you incredible stories from up there.

If your dad has that spirit of traveling through the stars, the collection of the POT made by Vans is perfect for him. To buy them, click for here.

If he is your hero, the Avengers collection will be incredible

Don’t deny it, your dad is your hero and he loves Marvel Superheroes, so Vans also thought of them to have an exclusive collection.

Wouldn’t you like your dad to wear tennis shoes with the image of Spider-man? To buy click here.

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