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27 Best ‘Star Wars’ Gifts to Celebrate May 4th

27 Best 'Star Wars' Gifts to Celebrate May 4th

These 'Star Wars' collectibles, clothes, accessories and more are perfect for May 4.

Whether you’re a rebel, a member of the Resistance, or on the Dark Side, you deserve to treat yourself to a space gift (or two). star wars day. Just in time for the 4th of May, we’ve selected some of the best star wars Gifts for yourself and your fellow force-sensitive friends.

So, it doesn’t matter if you’re an original movie purist, a Kylo Ren defender or you’re just super Mandalorian (Which has a new season on its way), there is star wars Merchant for all types of fans. And to help you find the best way to celebrate this May 4th, we’ve rounded up our favorite collections, gadgets, clothes, and accessories to gift to The Force.

stay in it star wars Stream the day and your favorite movies and shows on Disney+, wearing a new pair of Sith Lord socks and eating a dessert the size of Darth Vader’s head. Or better yet, slide into some super comfy Boba Fett pajamas and go to bed early. Or Better Yet, Spend All Day Building Some New Lego star wars set.

If you’re not sure what to gift star wars For the fanatic in your life (or what to add to your growing collection of merchandise), here are our favorites. star wars Gifts you can buy on May 4.

This 7-piece bedding set is inspired by the design of R2-D2, complete with a decorative pillow that mimics the droid’s red eye and geometric patterns inspired by Artoo’s blue markings. Of course, if a fan star wars villains, you can pre-order The Dark Side of Sobel Westex The set which is based on the corridor of the Death Star.


It’s All About the Details When It Comes to Lego Building Kits, and We Love the Attention to Detail star wars Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder. Pre-order this building set which includes an elaborate cockpit (including driving stick) and a Luke Skywalker and C-3PO minifigure.


Add a little greenery to their WFH desk space with Chia Pet that can be reused indefinitely.


it is The sleepwear you are looking for. Treat your favorite fan to this comfy pair of pajamas printed with Boba Fett’s helmet and ship.


May the force be with you when you wear these Grogu-Printed Boxer Briefs.


If you want to appeal to your fan’s rebellious heart, look no further than this sturdy leather jacket, inspired by the character Poe Dameron.


Make this your favorite Droid star wars day with this 2,315-piece Lego set.


Sit on the sofa under this 48 by 60 inches Darth Vader-themed star wars throw blanket.


add it star wars Pint glass with your favorite microbrew for a gift that will please anyone.


Let Grogu do the heavy lifting with this hilarious stand, perfect for charging devices and holding your controller in between games.


Capture an iconic TV moment from the Mandalorian series with this deluxe Funko Pop from Grogoo.


Have the Sith Lord make your May 4th breakfast (and beyond) in 2 different waffle sizes: Darth Vader’s Helmet or the larger, 7″ round waffle.


start your space adventure and another star wars Binge-watch with a signature cocktail, chill with these Death Star ice cubes.


Enjoy a fancy charcuterie feast on this Death Star carved cheese board.


star wars Enthusiasts and engineers can go nostalgic with this Millennium Falcon Starship LEGO set.


Start May 4th by gifting yourself (or a friend) this adorable Mandalorian with The Child Funko Pop.


Start planning your tropical vacation and try this volcano Boba Fett Printed 100% Cotton Short Sleeve Tee.


star wars cake pan

Williams Sonoma

If you love to enjoy a feast, you’ll love to back up some star wars Cuts the cake in this cast-alumnus star wars Cakelet Pan. It makes baked goods in the shapes of seven iconic characters: Yoda, Darth Vader, C-3PO, R2-D2, Chewbacca, Stormtrooper and BB-8. It has a gold-tone nonstick finish, so rest assured: Your favorite character won’t tear his face when releasing it from the pan.


doing drama star wars While your dinner cooks in one of 13 smart programs available on this Instant Pot.


star wars darth vader apron

Williams Sonoma

looking for a star wars The gift of the day that you and the whole family can enjoy? Then, take control of the kitchen (and the skyline!) with this cotton twill Darth Vader apron from Williams Sonoma that comes in sizes for both adults and children. It has adjustable neck straps for comfort and two pockets to hold tools. Also available in a white Stormtrooper design.


For the fan who’s still a kid at heart, they’ll love this set of lightsaber chopsticks. The chopsticks actually light up in red, blue, green, and purple (and the batteries are already included), so you can start dueling right away.


Show yourself, your SO or a friend some love this May 4th with these Darth Vader and Storm Trooper socks.


sit back and relax star wars-themed robe from MeUndies during May 4th and onwards.


Build this LEGO AT-ST and make a fire. Seriously, it comes with a realistic cockpit and 2 spring-loaded shooters (plus a Chewbacca, Hoth AT-ST pilot and a droid figure).


If you haven’t grabbed a copy Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga For your PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch or Xbox yet, then this is a sign for you to treat yourself. After all, May 4 comes only once in a year.

$60 at Best Buy

$59 on Amazon

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this adorable interactive Grogu toy.


If you don’t have a Disney+ subscription yet… What galaxy are you living in? The premium streaming service is everyone’s home star wars theatrical release, binge-worthy star wars Story Mandalorian and includes many great animated titles star Wars The Clone Wars And Star Wars Rebels, it is necessary for someone star wars fan.


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