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25 years after Spinetta’s double album, which became an arm wrestling match with the record industry

It’s Sunday, April 3, the 25th anniversary of the release of the historic double album Spinetta and the Desert Partners From the group of the same name, who together with bassist Marcelo Torres and drummer Daniel Wirtz formed El Flaco. It came out in 1997 and was Spinetta’s return to the trio format, as had been the case with the introduction of Pescado Rabioso and Invisible.

Luis Alberto Spinetta put the band together three years ago, when he was looking for a musical change after several albums with Spinetta Z and as a solo artist. At first they met with Wirtz and Torres for “Zapper”, but they later made a formal offer to them to put together a band, though with no other promises other than “crossing the desert” (hence the trio’s name). . He rehearsed for eight months and made his debut at the Velodrome in November 1994.

Spinetta lives with Los Socios del Desierto.

Spinetta lives with Los Socios del Desierto.

The album was recorded the following year, practically live and independently, with technician Mario Breuer, in a home studio created by Spinetta, called La Diosa Salvaje. Keyboardist Claudio Cardone was the only guest on four songs.

a long wait

Then it took a long time for the double album to be released, as Flacco had several demands from the record label that would sign him. Clearly angry and hurt by the situation, Spinetta issued a statement titled disk and timewhere he severely criticized record labels for his career and the artistic value of his work, as well as some graphic media that had intervened in the conflict by spreading false money figures, which he defined as “pseudopods”. Was. The power of some record companies”.

In that statement Spinetta said, among other things: my creative life and the rebellious and artistic flame that always guided me, if this, my latest work, would not be harmed. Sooner or later some label will claim my work and accept my demands. This gives me strength. Perhaps my records sold slowly, and without a jump in sales, but they have always been sold out steadily, until they became catalog or collection material.

Spinet Live.

Spinet Live.

He said: “Today, discounting everything except the immediate selling power of an artist, these labels offer offers to publish spinetta, even if they spend huge sums of money to produce the music. idiots Which will not only sell immediately but will never sell. Spinetta always sells, that’s how it always sells”.

And he asked in his letter: “Where are the gold records that were never given to me? Gentlemen: I will not form a company because it is contrary to my philosophy of life; I will not even consider the hidden intentions in your general proposal. , Which is exactly what he has done to all true artists”.

“With this – he concluded – I want to make it clear to my fans and the general public that I would like nothing more than to have this album full of new songs reach your hands as I imagined it and at the right price. (Explanation : Labels believe that a double album is too expensive to be sold on a large scale, but the truth is that even selling it at a very reasonable price will make everyone a lot of money.) and continue to do new works non-stop, if not then I don’t know if I’m an artist of Autovedas. Ha”.

Rebuttals and Publications

Luis Alberto Spinetta at the press conference with Los Socios del Desierto at the Hard Rock Cafe.  Photo: YouTube.

Luis Alberto Spinetta at the press conference with Los Socios del Desierto at the Hard Rock Cafe. Photo: YouTube.

Spinetta eventually signed a contract with Sony Music for a “millionaire” amount. As was unofficially stated at the time, as he had denied in his statement.

Once edited, reviews were unanimously favorable and the theme checks It became a hit with a video that was heavily circulated on radio and music channels. But the album contained many more gems, from melodious and sad songs (Diana), slow and dreamy themes (april moon), more angry rocks (bosnians, lousy people), Funk Touch (eat in the sun) and beauties like people garden,

The mix was created by Mariano L√≥pez and the version featured a special graphic design, consisting of a black and white photograph of a grim Spinetta’s face, with goggles that depicted a desert landscape. Inside, the booklet contained lyrics and various pictures.

As a rarity, a vinyl edition was released several years later, which due to expansion became a spectacular box with four plates.


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