2021 American Music Awards: The Best Moments and Biggest Appearances of the Night!

This year’s American Music Awards were a true festival of art and spectacle! The star-studded extravaganza honored some of the biggest names in music for their accomplishments and delivered some stunning live performances.

With Cardi B, who moderated the lavish affair, the fans could see how a real moment maker like the “WAP” singer brings a spark of spontaneity and excitement into the role of the moderator.

Amid the entertaining, breathtaking musical performances, viewers were also treated to a series of heartfelt acceptance speeches and powerful messages from some of the evening’s big winners.

Read on for some of the AMAs 2021’s greatest moments!

Silk Sonic opens the night in style

Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak opened the show with a bang, performing as the duo Silk Sonic for a sleek, stylish number. In crimson leisure suits and a fan-pleasing rendition of their smooth hit “Smokin Out The Window”, the two set the bar high for the rest of today’s performers.

Cardi B is just the best and most real

The “WAP” rapper made her hosting debut at this year’s show, where she brought down the house with a dramatic ensemble and her signature humor. “Damn it, this crowd is loud,” she chanted as she greeted everyone to the 2021 AMAs. “I’m not going to lie. I am a bit nervous.

Later that night, Cardi used her public platform to convince JoJo Siwa to come to her home this Christmas to please her children, and JoJo had no choice but to enthusiastically agree. With Cardi as your host, you feel like you never really know what’s going to happen!

Olivia Rodrigo brings the feelings

The 18-year-old singer moved everyone in the theater with her reduced, powerful performance of her single “Traitor”. With guitar in hand, Rodrigo made her debut on the AMAs stage, delivering an acoustic version of the heartbreaking ballad that let the song’s gripping lyrics speak for themselves. In a free-standing door and surrounded by a meadow of flowers on the stage, Rodrigo sang the melody in a beautifully simple and delicate pink dress and toned make-up.

Bad Bunny does sci-fi

Bad Bunny, Tainy and Julieta Venegas turned sci-fi and high-tech into their futuristic performance of “Lo Siento BB”, which can be heard on Tainy’s debut album. Data. With Venegas’ face on the front of a cyberpunk-esque robot pianist and Bad Bunny rocking a sleek, all-white outfit with a headgear mask with a HAL-9000-like red light on the front, every bit of the number is captivating.

Chlöe defies gravity

Every time Chlöe takes the stage at an awards show since starting her solo journey, she has created moments and delivered a real spectacle. For her performance of “Have Mercy” on this year’s big show, Chlöe began the act by descending from the rafters like an angel descending from heaven – and then delivered one of the most masterful and impressive performances of the night that stood the test of time how much star power she really has.

Jennifer Lopez is angelic

The acclaimed singer and actress took the stage to premier her new song “On My Way,” which will also serve as the main song for her upcoming romantic comedy. Marry me. The 52-year-old superstar began her performance in a dramatic black dress that sat at a piano. Then she performed a quick and stunning outfit change, wearing a beige tulle dress with a veil. Scenes from the movie flashed behind her as she thumped the deep lyrics.

Mickey Guyton inspires and delights

It was unclear whether that Do you remember her name The artist might even appear on this year’s show after her son Grayson had a scary health problem earlier this week that forced him to spend time in intensive care. Guyton’s little boy appears to have recovered, however, and the powerful country singer put on an incredible rendition of her moving and inspiring song “All American,” which received a standing ovation from the audience.

The Battle of Boston brings boy bands together

For the first time New Kids on the Block and New Edition shared the stage! The boy band and R&B group brought their A-game to the show to deliver some of their biggest hits. NKOTB kicked off the so-called “Battle” with a performance of “The Right Stuff”, which New Edition followed with a flawless delivery of “Candy Girl”.

NKOTB came back with “Step by Step” and “Mr. Telephone Man”. In the end, the two groups then teamed up to combine “Is This the End” and “Please Don’t Go Girl” before New Edition took over again and sang “Can You Stand the Rain”. Seeing the two groups come together was a real thrill.

NKOTB’s Donnie Wahlberg spoke to ET’s Cassie DiLaura on the red carpet ahead of the big show and said, “It’s surreal. It’s always fun to be here, but to be here with New Edition, who mean so much to us and have really paved the way for us and all boy bands. It’s kind of a boy band night and it wouldn’t be right to be here without the real guys who made the modern boy band. “

Zoe Wees is a vocal powerhouse

The German pop star dominated the stage in the penultimate performance of the evening when she put on a moving and impressive performance of “Girls Like Us”. Surrounded by back-up dancers on a minimalist stage, Zoe has proven that it takes nothing more than lyrics and a stunningly unique voice to steal the limelight.

BTS ends the night just right

After a silky smooth opening number from Silk Sonic, BTS delivered a smooth, fun, and upbeat performance of “Butter” to end the star-studded show. As always, the band delivered the moves and charms that took them to the next level of megastars, and the performance was a great culmination of their big night, when they won three awards as Artist of the Year, Favorite Pop Duo or Group took home. and favorite pop song – which they earned for “Butter”.

The full list of American Music Awards 2021 winners can be found here!


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