Home Entertainment 2020 was not a bad year for cinema

2020 was not a bad year for cinema


MEXICO CITY (El Universal) .— During 2020, 47 Mexican films were released, which was less than half of what was recorded in 2019, but still, Mexican cinema re-established itself among the masses when it was separated Viewed in different ways.

María Novaro, director of the Mexican Institute of Cinematography, believes the pandemic had some positives for it, as traditional theaters had to be rearranged and streaming platforms, as well as alternative cinemas, consolidated. Only this year in the Sedescene network of alternative venues, the tape “Souvenir” with Paulina Gaten was shown on its 100 screens.

“I think a positive result of the pandemic is that Mexican cinema was reinvented, reaching through various platforms such as Filmin Latinos, making many people who thought that Mexican cinema was romantic comedy and nothing, really. It’s in the spectrum of what it is,” he says.

Among filmin figures, the most successful film was “El Sambrador”, a documentary by a director about a rural teacher in Chiapas.