20 proposals with options for everyone

From next Monday, July 19, until August 7, the Instituto Superior de Arte del Teatro Colón (ISATC) will carry out extension and training courses open to the entire community, addressing different topics around the history and analysis of opera, the practice of singing, dance, scenic design and the acquisition of knowledge in theatrical trades.

Among the various proposals, the following stand out: introductory dance classes for boys and girls from 6 to 10 years old without previous knowledge, and to get closer to the world of the sounds of the orchestra.

The classes, to be offered in online mode, will be dictated by specialized professionals, teachers and artists such as Paula Argüelles and Miriam Coelho in classical dance, the musical director Ezequiel Silberstein, the costume designer Luciana Gutman, the dancer Edgardo Trabalón, the Head of Tailoring of the house Stella Maris López and the journalist and music critic Margarita Pollini.

The Dance Technique Will Be One Of The Themes That The Theater Proposal Will Address.  Photo: Tc / Máximo Parpagnoli

The dance technique will be one of the themes that the Theater proposal will address. Photo: TC / Máximo Parpagnoli

“Once again, we are dedicated to transmitting all the knowledge and secrets that the Colón Theater has kept for more than 100 years,” said the general director of the Theater, María Victoria Alcaraz.

And he added: “On this occasion, and to accompany the little ones and their families during the winter holidays, we designed different pedagogical proposals that from learning and play, allow children to immerse themselves in the wonderful world of art, from anywhere in the world “

For more information about the online tuition classes, prices, prerequisites, dates and times, consult at https://teatrocolon.org.ar/es The deadline for registration is July 15.

All courses

Online classes for dancers

1. Introduction to Classical Dance This course aims to expand your knowledge, analyze and use the different movements, and acquire technical excellence.

2. The Ballet in four steps (With previous knowledge) This course, by Paula Argüelles, will address the style and universe of four of the most significant ballets of the classical repertoire: Giselle, Don Quixote, The Bayadera Y Sylphs. From the historical context to the most significant steps. Intended for intermediate / advanced classical dance students.

From The Study To The Living Room At Home, The Courses Try To Take Advantage Of Life &Quot;Indoors&Quot;.  Photo Teatro Colón / Máximo Parpagnoli

From the study to the living room at home, the courses try to take advantage of life “indoors”. Photo Teatro Colón / Máximo Parpagnoli

3. Introduction to Contemporary Jazz In charge of Margarita Fernández, classes of technique and choreographic material for intermediate level students. Positions, dynamics and main concepts of style management with choreographic elements proposed by the teacher.

Online classes for Children from 6 to 10 years old without previous knowledge

1. Initiation to Dance By Miriam Coelho, the proposal presents an approach to ballet with classes to dance at home through music and the first steps. Encounters from dance and play to discover the wonderful world of ballet.

2. The masters of sound Led by Ezequiel Silberstein, the proposal invites the youngest to get to know the world of the sounds of the orchestra, through masterpieces by five great composers: Bach, Mozart, Brahms, Tchaikovsky and Ravel.

Musical examples will be heard with interaction of images, relating the sounds that are heard with the instruments of the orchestra. A space will be created to share the sensations that music generates in children.

Online classes for singers with previous knowledge

1. Vocal Technique and Interpretation In charge of Luis Gaeta, the classes will address the vocal technique and interpretation of the repertoire, emphasizing the understanding of sung texts and their technical application. Each active student will propose a specific repertoire, which must be informed when they register. Intended for all strings.

2. Vocal Technique for choristers Given by Marina Silva, this theoretical-practical course will address different aspects of vocal technique, aimed at members of choirs. Various posture and breathing exercises will be developed, applied to certain choral authors and the difficulties presented by each repertoire, both symphonic-choral, chamber and opera, will be taken into account. The objective will be to train the voice, looking for practical solutions for its interpretation not only at the choral level.

The Choir In Its Different Expressions, From The Solo Plan To The Choir, Is Included In The Proposal.  Photo Teatro Colón Arnaldo Colombaroli

The choir in its different expressions, from the solo plan to the choir, is included in the proposal. Photo Teatro Colón Arnaldo Colombaroli

3. Initiation in Lyrical Singing (No prior knowledge) By Marta Blanco, it is aimed at people with the concern to study lyrical singing, with the aim of giving an overview of how to develop it and the steps that you will need to go through. The technical bases of singing and the usual practices for the protection of the voice will be explored with the search for the instrument in ourselves.

Courses on theatrical trades without prior knowledge

1. Theatrical Hair Salon Lectured by Roberto Mohr, this intensive course is intended both for characterization students and anyone interested in the subject and theatrical trades. Its objective is to provide different tools and strategies in the work of making theatrical wigs and hairpieces.

2. Theatrical Tailoring In charge of Stella Maris López, the objective is to provide different tools and strategies in the work of theatrical tailoring, from the costumes to an opera production as well as for ballet. Aimed at the community in general, but particularly at costume, characterization and clothing students.

Clothing, Tailoring, Hairdressing;  The Pillars Of A Setting, Within The Reach Of A Click.  Photo Press Teatro Colón - Arnaldo Colombaroli

Clothing, tailoring, hairdressing; the pillars of a setting, within the reach of a click. Photo Press Teatro Colón – Arnaldo Colombaroli

3. Opera Costume Design In charge of Luciana Gutman, it is intended for anyone interested in the theme, costume students, characterization, clothing, scenery and art with the aim of making an approach and reflecting on the costumes as a scenic sign and go through the necessary tools for its design .

4. The opera costumes on stage! In charge of Luciana Gutman, it is aimed at providing tools for the understanding of opera costumes in its multiple forms of production, ranging from independent theater to large production centers, with conventional and unconventional production materials, work dynamics and the interrelation with the viewer.

Music courses /Open to all audiences

1. All about Classical Music In charge of Claudio Mamud, it proposes the study of the different instruments that make up the symphony orchestra. Through them the different musical forms are defined: rondo, lied, sonata form; what is a concert, a symphony, a suite, a symphonic poem …

2. All about Opera By Claudio Mamud, it addresses the different parts that make up an opera (overtures, recitatives, arias, leitmotifs, etc.) and how they have changed over time. Examples of the most diverse composers of all times will be heard and the difference between types of operatic voices and variations of interpretation will be seen.

The Imposing Staging Of Aida At The Teatro Colón In 2018: Opera Will Be One Of The Focal Points Of The Courses.  Photo: Tc Press / Arnaldo Colombaroli

The imposing staging of Aida at the Teatro Colón in 2018: opera will be one of the focal points of the courses. Photo: TC Press / Arnaldo Colombaroli

3. Opera and cinema, a fatal attraction Led by Lizzie Waisse, the main axis of the course is to experience the experience of opera beyond virtuality, understanding the stories in the form of a genesis, from the composer to his spectacularities projected in the theatrical and cinematographic image.

Madama butterfly, Don giovanni, Aida Y Macbeth, among other paradigmatic works of the operatic genre, will be the aesthetic triggers of the analysis of the lyrical commotion translated into audiovisual language.

Images filmed in theaters are intercepted and interspersed, comparatively with films that appeal to the lyrical gesture to express the passions that explode in the shared time of the course.

The Soprano María Callas, A Reference Point For Lyrical Singing, And The Role Of Women In Opera.

The soprano María Callas, a reference point for lyrical singing, and the role of women in opera.

4. Women in opera A story of composers, patrons, managers, singers and businesswomen Through emblematic figures of opera in its different stages and disciplines, Margarita Pollini will trace a journey through the evolution of the lyrical genre and the role of women in the art of singing emotions.

The five classes of the course will address the following themes: Pioneers on and off the stage; Patrons, virtuous, businesswomen; The voices of delirium and passions; A paradigm shift: From Tetrazzini to Callas; and Women in the present and future of gender.