“1899” series, is very ambitious

The producers of “Dark” begin filming in Berlin

Madrid (EFE). – Filming “1899”, a historical mystery series by the creators of “Dark”, featuring Spanish actor Miguel Bernardo (“Elite”) with a cast, announced Netflix and production company German Dark Wes. .

Friese says producers and producers Jantaji Friese and Baran Bo Odar have brought in a large international cast with the ambition to create “with characters from different countries who originally speak in the European language”.

The cast is completed by Emily Bechem, Anurin Barnard, Andreas Pisetsmann, MacIase Musial, Lucas Linggaard Tonson, Rosalie Craig, Clara Rosiger, Maria Arolter, Yan Gall and Mathilde Olivier.

The eight episodes of this series, lasting an hour, follow the mysterious circumstances surrounding an immigrant ship’s journey from the old continent to the new. Travelers of various origins and nationalities connect with the same hopes and dreams for their future in the new century and abroad.

But when he discovers the arrival of another migrant ship on the high seas, his voyage takes an unexpected turn.

Filming on a custom built virtual set will take place at the Bebelsberg Studio outside Berlin, the largest LED technology studio of its kind in Europe.

“The new infrastructure is completely innovative and state-of-the-art for the German production landscape and can be of creative benefit to content producers and filmmakers around the world,” says Baran Bo Odar.

In addition, the creative team behind the scenes is Madrid-based German-origin costume designer Bina Deggeler, who has been nominated for an Oscar for “Mulan”.

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