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17 NFL merch items for the playoffs

14 NFL merch items for the playoffs

It’s that time again: The Super Bowl is almost a month away and the NFL playoffs are imminent! Your fantasy football team may be in ruins, but you will still be cheering your favorite team on during the finals. Preparing for the playoffs takes a lot of time and trips to the grocery store, and part of that prep means playing the role.

Whether you are a Dolphin fan or Steelers fan, every football fan has one thing in common: On game day you are always styled from your earrings to slippers in the merch of your favorite NFL team. The chaos leading up to the Super Bowl is stressful enough without finding the perfect fleece blanket or comfy hoodie. So we scoured the internet for NFL gear that will make the playoffs special.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re watching from the comfort of your armchair or singing in the stadium while you rock your team’s face mask. Everyone loves to snuggle up with a new hat or college jacket on game day.

the New England Patriots 50 “x 60” Plush Raschel Throw is perfect when you have to curl up and hide while the umpires weigh tough calls. If you’re having a playoff view party and can’t stand water rings on the wooden table, go for something like this Indianapolis Colts Vice Cut Coaster Set. Not every NFL team on our merchandise list made it to the playoffs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t support your hometown team during the playoffs.

Shop below for ET’s most popular NFL playoff gear, plus details on how to watch the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl LVI.

This laser cut stainless steel Colts coaster set is the perfect addition to any living room or den. We know all Colts fans would make good use of this after the NFL playoffs concluded.
$ 25$ 20

This 3-piece set contains two foldable chairs and a foldable table – all decorated in the characteristic aqua and orange colors of the Dolphins. In total, the tailgate kit comes with four cup holders. It’s ideal for tailgating on the go.
$ 80

These masks are a perfect way to stay safe during the pandemic and show off your team spirit. If you enjoy body painting before a game, it will also save yourself some time and effort as part of your face is already covered in red and nautical blue.
$ 27

This Houston Texans backpack cooler can hold up to 32 cans. It’s also about the same size as your average backpack. So you don’t have to worry about carrying a bulky bag in the stadium parking lot.
$ 48

We think the LED lights add some extra flair to this Steelers hat.
$ 35

There’s something so nostalgic about playing tic-tac-toe between games and during commercials.
$ 15

This versatile mug is perfect for keeping your chilled drinks cold and your hot drinks warm. We also think that your morning coffee tastes a little better with Who Dey on your mug.
$ 22

Didn’t find what you were looking for on Amazon? Or maybe you just want to add a few more items to your game day collection. Regardless, Fanatics also has a ton of unique gear for the NFL playoffs.

We can’t get enough of the two-tone design of this satin plain jacket.
$ 125

This Buccaneers blanket looks particularly cozy. Personally, we just want to wear it like a cape on matchday.
$ 45

This Patriots throw is the perfect size to curl up on the sofa and watch the playoffs.
$ 35

The satin finish of this jacket adds a nice touch to the classic college jacket aesthetic.
$ 130

This Titans-themed helmet is a quarter the size of the official NFL football helmets. While it’s a mini, we think it’s a great centerpiece for any table or bookcase.
$ 40

This knitted bobble hat is sure to keep your head warm during the NFL playoffs and beyond.
$ 30$ 23

If you are looking for jewelry that is just as enthusiastic about your favorite team as you are, then Christmas ornament covered you

You can literally express your sports fandom with these glittery gold hoop earrings.
$ 48

These rivets are more than just a statement of your loyalty to the Bills – they are absolutely gorgeous. Seriously, royal blue, red, and navy blue have never looked better.
$ 48

This silver chain with charm necklace is super cute. We love that we can add an elegant necklace to our match day outfit.
$ 48

When it comes to game day celebrations, it’s all about the details – and this hair bow is the perfect detail to add to your sports wardrobe. Speaking of the details, we can’t get enough of the confetti sequins in the mesh bow.
$ 15

When are the NFL playoffs?

  • Wildcard round: 15-17 January
  • Divisional round: 22.-23. January
  • Conference Championships: January 30th
  • Super Bowl 56: February 13th

If you haven’t figured out where to watch the playoffs yet, we are here to help. You can of course catch up on all wiretapping and fiddling directly in the NFL app. But there are many other ways to watch the NFL playoffs. From Paramount + to Sling TV and much more, let’s cover how to watch the NFL playoffs on your favorite streaming service.

Parent +

Parent +
If you don’t have a Paramount + subscription, you can try the streaming service for free for 7 days. Otherwise, you can watch the NFL playoffs live with a premium subscription to Paramount +. ET and Paramount + are both subsidiaries of ViacomCBS.

$ 5 / MONTH

Espn + Logo

If your cable package comes with ESPN, you can simply click on the channel on match days. Otherwise, you can watch exclusive videos and live games, and read exclusive articles on the ESPN + streaming service.
$ 7 / MONTH

With Hulu with Live TV, you can watch any NFL game, as well as any game on CBS, NBC, FOX, and ESPN. With an additional sports add-on, you also get access to the NFL RedZone.
$ 70 / MONTH

Slingtv Logo

Sling TV allows you to stream cable networks. While the 3-day free trial won’t take you through the NFL playoffs, this streaming service has hundreds of dozen of channels.
$ 35 / MONTH

Fubotv Logo

Similar to other streaming services, fuboTV also has a tree test version. When you are ready to take out a fuboTV subscription, you can watch 229 channels. This includes ESPN and several other sports channels.
$ 35 / MONTH


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