Home Entertainment 15 out of 32 Miss Mexico participants are infected with covid

15 out of 32 Miss Mexico participants are infected with covid

15 out of 32 Miss Mexico participants are infected with covid

Mexico City.- After- Miss Mexico beauty pageant the past was made Thursday, July 1 On chihuahua, this Monday the rumor was confirmed that there was an outbreak of covid-19 Which left a total of 17 infected people, 15 of them are participating.

organizers He extended the competition a few days after city ​​council canceled permit that they were initially provided for Saturday, July 3.

municipality president chihuahua A press release explained that municipal inspectors rescinded the grant of the permit “because it was learned informally by the organizers of the event and the sponsors of some of the registrations. positive cases of covid

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One of the first contestants to enter infected was a representative of chihuahuahandjob isella serrano, who was also admitted to the hospital.

State Health Secretary today, Eduardo Fernandez Herrera, talked to the journalist Carlos Loret de Molas to give details.

“We came to know about the fact an anonymous report which we received on 30th June; Here a person called the health ministry and told us.There are sick people in the competition‘. In the afternoon of the same day we sent personnel requesting the results. antigen test who gave the protocol for such an event, they didn’t show us, because he said he didn’t have it at the time. ”

“U.S. we send to do some quick test and of PCR To be able to confirm results earlier and effectively 17 people infectedFernandez Herrera said.

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complete there were 32 participants representation of each state of the republic, but also program a . was held in social event room compared to 30% of its capacity, because the state is in yellow epidemiological traffic light, brought together 300 people.

Besides the ceremony, a mass feast was also organized.

“My people tell me whoever spoke Relative of one of the participating girls In the protection of his own girl who whistled at us; The same day we went and tested and at the end of the program each returned to their homes“.

Miss Mexico outfit And this Participants have not disclosed about; But the secretary confirmed that every member of the family and secretary of each state Where did the infected people come from?

“They should have tested themselves; and if there was knowledge on the part of the organisers” they should have canceled the showsaid the secretary.