100 key to Argentina's success, says new fighter of El Tres

It landed on El Tres’ screens in August of last year in the middle of a pandemic, doing it in the face of programming affected by a lack of content. 100 argentina says started making its way onto the grid to become one of the most watched programs on TV.

Hosted by Dario Barsi, Circle of Questions and Answers El Tres has a new worker And this Tuesday (it is now 2.30 pm) he took the podium 8.4. Most viewed on the channel with a rating of.

Always in the evening bar, cycling Booked a time change and continue to perform. With thousands of fans who also follow along from the social network, the program added a version on Sunday night, with a good number of celebrities. Its success is sustained for several reasons.

Tested and updated format

East 100 argentina says They resumed the first edition, which aired in 2004, then hosted by Monchi Ballestra, who replaced Barsi during some shows last year when the driver was infected with Covid.

The production kept the essence of the format in this return to the screen, Updating the question and answer panel. Attraction of prize in pesos (which can reach up to .) 250 thousand If the participating family wins all five doubles) then that’s another fun one.

100 Argentina Says

100 argentina says

driver with his own style

One of the great successes of the entertainment program is Barsi himself.. The driver knew how to find his own stamp on a bicycle, which is fascinating All your resources as an actor. Without filters, he says everything that comes to mind: he comments on his daily life, makes humor with his weight, with his body, with his dead father and sympathetically “fencing” the participants. No problem about it..

His simple, direct and action style This is already a brand that Barsi has added to the program To give it its momentum, it mixes anecdotes, phrases and even comedy steps, where He may take off his shoes and drive barefoot or ask for a chair because he is tired.

The driver never fails to name his wife Luli; To his younger daughter Emilia (Pippi), to his friends from adolescence, to His Childhood from San Juan. And he jokes with the rivalry between his brothers, with exchanges, with his “hatred” for nutritionists and physical education teachers, as intense as His passion for entrails and ice cream, among other things.

confused participants

The groups participating in the program are, for the most part, family and friends who, once in front of the cameras, have overcome their logistical barrier, they let go and play the driver’s game Someone who is not ashamed to say “something happens to you” or “I don’t like you”, in already established code of collusion with the public.

And there are all ages, which makes the game more dynamic. Sometimes Barsi meets participants who They give it legs for him to display his history. And they second to leave his famous hoses like “Raro“Or”Very good“, among others. .

There are also those who earn their place in a true round-trip with Barsi, either by empathy, mercilessness or good performance in the game. The same is the case with those who do not kill one, whom they kill. Driver challenges and asks to “turn them into memes” for social networks.

Many brought her gifts, almost always something edible, or pictures or clothes for her daughter, and there were some who He sent postage stamps with the image of Saint Barsi as a talisman.

team behind the scenes

Another success of the cycle is Production team made visible by Barsi. The driver interacts freely with all his productions from the very beginning and sometimes comes to the other side to talk, say something or make fun of them. This way, La Colo, Luli, Agusu, production companies; dressing rooms Gigi, cameramen and directors are already indispensable parts of the format.

The same happens with the composer, who “communicates” with the song to drive the driver. this is how they sound Who cares?, when Barsi expands with a personal anecdote or goes around the bush, among many others. And, of course, the producer Mariano, with whom the driver constantly talks to the “cockroaches” and seems to be the only one to whom Barsi “pays attention”..

comfortable material

In a social moment of overwhelming information about the COVID pandemic and all its consequences 100 argentina says joined the group of entertainment circles that worked, and continue to do so, such as A place of authentic rest in the face of harsh reality. With good results, it seems, the program is here to stay.