The American company developed the corona vaccine, which was successful in human trials

    To save the world from the scourge of the corona virus, scientists are working day and night to develop a vaccine against this global epidemic. Scientists in several countries have also claimed to have developed a vaccine for the coronavirus, but according to the World Health Organization, no vaccine has yet been developed that could be called a coronavirus vaccine.

    40 people were vaccinated

    Meanwhile, US biotech firm Innovio claims that testing of the corona virus vaccine has yielded encouraging results. The firm claims that a vaccine called INO-4800 has been 94 percent successful during trials of 40 people. During a clinical trial, 40 people between the ages of 18 and 50 were vaccinated in the United States.

    No adverse effects of the vaccine were observed

    These people were given 2 injections of the vaccine at 4 weeks. Test results showed that the INO-4800 vaccine boosted the immune system of all people. No adverse effects of the vaccine were observed during this period, according to the company. According to Kate Bradrick, senior vice president of Innovia, in January, when Chinese researchers unveiled the genetic code for the coronavirus, their team coded the sequence through software and developed a formula. This DNA vaccine will detect the spike protein of the coronavirus and in the same way, make a protein to divert the virus and if the virus comes close to that protein it will be inactivated by the effect of the vaccine.

    Corona virus will be eradicated

    Spike proteins will develop immunity in the human body. If the vaccine produces a spike protein, the body will recognize it as a virus and make a large number of antibodies, while this protein will not harm the body, while the coronavirus will be eliminated.

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