Sonam Kapoor’s sister received threatened to kill herself, actress scolded on Instagram

    Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor is always in the spotlight. More recently, it has been in the news because of nepotism. This time Sonam Kapoor is in the discussion due to expressing her anger on social networking platform Instagram. Sonam expressed anger when her sister Rhea was receiving death threats on Instagram. No action was taken even after the complaint was lodged. This made Sonam even angrier.

    Riya Kapoor was receiving death threats on Instagram. He complained about this on Instagram and said that such people should be banned on Instagram. At the same time, Instagram responded by saying, “If someone makes a comment or makes a mistake, complain against it. Instagram is a global community where people give their opinions.”

    Instagram further wrote in its reply, ‘We will use your feedback for the good experiences of others. If you have a problem with someone, unfollow them, block them. Sonam was furious with this reply from Instagram. He slammed Instagram for sharing threatening comments to sister Riya Kapoor.

    Rhea, on the other hand, also responded on Instagram and said, ‘Instagram, really? See comment once. I complained only after this happened many times. I get angry that no action is taken against the person who threatened me. Sonam’s and her sister’s response on social media is going viral.

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