70 million dollar taken by this actress for a

    The whole world of devices, tools, or science fiction is seen differently in Hollywood science fiction. The world of science fiction is thrilling, not even an air fort. However, the main characters are played by well-known stars. But now science fiction is becoming a reality in Hollywood. A humanoid will play the lead role in the 70 million dollar film.

    Erica is the name of the 70 million dollar film actress.

    This Erica is not a living actress, but a humanoid created using artificial intelligence. It’s actually a robot. But it has been made to look like a human using artificial intelligence. Even in color, he looks human.

    The most beautiful and human-like Android in the world

    So Erica is not a humanoid in Japan. It was first introduced to the world in 2012. Its creator, Hiroshi Ishiguro Erica, a robotist from Osaka University in Japan, is considered the most beautiful and human-like Android in the world.

    How is erica

    Like a 23-year-old woman, Erica is an artificial intelligence Android. He may shake his head and blink. He can speak as well as a human using a sophisticated speech synthesizer. It can also identify people using infrared sensors.

    Where to bring life experience in the style of artists?

    It is generally said that film is a mirror of society. This means that the phenomenon of society is depicted in the film with the color of imagination. These events make the artist feel like a human being. The prices are understandable. Most of the events are just a part of life, the experience of which can be useful to the actors in playing the character. When a robot does not have such a life pattern, it is difficult for it to understand an event and the sensitivities associated with it. Where does he get the experience of being a human artist? “We’re doing one session after another about Erica’s pace and emotional value,” says Sam Khoze, founder of Life Productions. Teaching him for character development.

    Ishigura made the roll on TV 

    Erica has a lot to teach if she wants to be portrayed as a live actress. For that, Dr. Ishigura has aired her character on TV since 2014. Just two years ago he announced that the robot could handle the job as a news reader.

    What is the story of the film? 

    The first shot of the film ‘B’ was digitally shot in Japan last year. However, the shooting of the entire will start in 2021. In this film, Erica becomes a superhuman who is born as a genetically intertwined human being. Born as a designer baby, Erica embarks on a number of adventures with her creator scientists.

    Who will spend behind the film?

    Making a film ‘B’ is not an easy task.  will be used to the fullest and hence the cost will be plentiful. The 700 700 million film will be financially backed by Bondit Capital Media. The company had earlier produced the film Loving Vincent, based on the life of the famous Dutch painter Van Ghogh. The film was also nominated for an Oscar. It will also be funded by Belgium’s Happy Moon Productions and New York’s Ten Ten Global Media.

    Arrival at the silver screen 

    Erica is considered a human being. However, it has now been humanized using state-of-the-art . The first generation of machines seemed to be very mechanical. Since then, many changes have taken place in the field of robotics and in a few years, a humanoid will be created. Erica will be the first humanoid to play a major role in the film. Lip Angeles Lip Productions will present it.

    Who is Erica Robot?

    1. The creator of Erica is Hiroshi Ishiguro, the director of the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory at Osaka Uni.
    2. The Erica Project is a joint venture between Osaka and Kyoto University.
    3. Erica’s development has been fueled by the financial backing of Tnji Areto, who spends the most money on science projects in Japan.
    4. Even though Erica can’t shake her hand, she can tell who the question is by recognizing where the voice came from.
    5. She is a 7-year-old woman with the world’s most advanced speech synthesis system.
    6. Erica can use 12 infrared sensors and face recognition technology to track people in the room.
    7. Erica’s ‘architect’ Dr. Erica is learning jokes, says Dylan Glass. This is a robot that thinks for itself, works, and does it all automatically.
    8. Erica will also be working as a Japanese news presenter this year before she gets the oasis of acting.
    9. Erica’s creator Hiroshi Ishiguro calls himself Erica’s father. He thinks the robot is caring and will soon regain consciousness independently.

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