Sony is giving a golden opportunity! You will be able to win 38 lakh thousand rupees sitting at home

Sony is giving a golden opportunity! win 38 lakh
Sony is giving a golden opportunity! win 38 lakh

Many companies in the tech world offer bug bounty programs for people with bug bounty programs. Under such a program a large amount is given as a reward. This is the second bounty program where a reward of Rs 38 lakh will be given to the defender. In fact, Sony has launched a bug bounty program for its PlayStation Network and PlayStation (PS4) gaming consoles.

Under the program, those who find a defect in a device or website connected to a PlayStation will be paid 100 to 50 thousand dollars (about 38 lakh rupees). The purpose of the company behind doing this is for researchers to report the error so that it can be corrected before it is hacked.

According to a report by ZDNet, Sony’s bounty program is being run by hackers. Hacker One is a platform through which many of the world’s largest companies such as Twitter, Snapchat, PayPal find bugs in their products under the Bug Bounty program. In addition, researchers are also rewarded for this. Earlier Sony ran its bug bounty program privately-invited just like VRP, and this year the company has unveiled it.

The devices included in Sony’s bug bounty program include the PlayStation 4 gaming console, its operating system, official PS4 accessories as well as the PlayStation Network and related websites.

Sony is the last of the three major gaming companies to launch an official bug bounty program. Nintendo was the first company to launch in 2016, then launched by Microsoft in January 2020 for its Xbox gaming platform.


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