The ICC said it needed to declare it a crime in to prevent match-fixing

    Steve Richardson, coordinator of the Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) of the Council (ICC), believes that match-fixing can only be curbed in if it is declared a crime. He said that due to the lack of strict laws in the country, the hands of the officials are tied while investigating corruption in .

    “There’s no law right now,” Richardson told ESPN Cricinfo. Nevertheless, we are working with the Indian Police to stop match-fixing. The ICC has limited resources to prevent match-fixing, which is exploited by those involved in fixing. “

    “The situation in India will change only when the law changes,” an ACU official said. We are currently investigating 50 cases of fixing and most of them are related to India.

    In Sri Lanka, the sentence can be up to 10 years

    Sri Lanka is the only country in South Asia to make match-fixing a legal offense in 2019. Conviction here carries a maximum sentence of 10 years. “India has two major tournaments like T-20 and ODI World Cup between 2021 and 2023,” he said. Speculators will keep an eye on it. In such a scenario, if India enacts a law on match-fixing, it will be effective in protecting the game. “

    Still trying to approach the fixtures players

    An ICC official said such a law in India would deter corrupt people who are still roaming freely instead of players. “I can hand over the names of at least eight people to the Indian police or the Indian government, who are constantly trying to contact the players to fix the match,” he said.

    Every year, betting generates up to Rs 40,000 crore in illicit income

    Recently, Ajit Singh, head of BCCI’s ACU unit, said that players, support staff and officials are approached to make quick money. Betting ranges from Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 crore every year. Investigations by several cricket leagues in the state revealed that the amount was up to Rs 19 crore in some matches.

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